20 Best Wisconsin OnlyFans Accounts to Follow

There is hardly any city in the world where you would not find OnlyFans accounts to follow and this is because of the popularity the platform has acquired in recent times. Think of the most sexually rigid cities like Indonesia and you would be shocked at the number of accounts you will find.

 As you probably know by now, OnlyFans is a platform that gives creators sexual liberty so different fetishes and taboos are accommodated. However, searching for accounts in specific locations or fetishes can be difficult or tiring because of the complexity of the platform but trust us to always do the tough work for you. We always take the time to do thorough research in order to recommend only the best models for your money and time’s worth. 

Today, we will be presenting to you the 20 best Wisconsin Onlyfans to follow so cum prepared to journey to fantasy land. It is about to be a pleasurable ride. 

Best Wisconsin OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

1. Lily – Horniest Wisconsin OnlyFans Girls

The first Wisconsin OnlyFans account on our list belongs to the amiable Lily who describes herself as a very horny and kinky little slut. This Wisconsin Nursing student enjoys being a fucktoy and the naughtier and dirtier the kink, the wetter she gets. On her OnlyFans account, you will get access to loads of dirty kink content we bet you will enjoy; Anal, pain, spanking, BDSM, roleplay, B/G, DP, large insertions, customs and so much more. Follow now if these excite you, there are more juicy contents waiting for you!

Price: $3.60

2. Antje – Blonde Wisconsin Girls OnlyFans

Antje is a blonde beauty to behold. This Wisconsin-bred beauty is a 5’10 tall glass of fine wine that will leave you mesmerized. She is an actress, model and TV host who is on OnlyFans to share all of her sexiness.  With about 820 sizzling posts on her account, you will surely get glued to your screen. Expect bikini shoots that are capable of making your dick rock hard and your balls  sac full. If you are also a lover of big tits, her big and round tits are perfect enough to keep you fantasizing about all the naughty things you could do to her. Follow her now so you don’t miss a thing, she is too hot to be passed over.

Price: Free

3. Eliana – Big Tits Wisconsin OnlyFans Accounts

One of the best Wisconsin OnlyFans accounts you can ever find belongs to Eliana, a natural big tits MILF. Eliana is a solo creator on OnlyFans who enjoys making taboo content such as Step-mum, Aunt, and Cougar. With about 1.2k nudes and 144 explicit videos created specifically for you, subscribe right away for juicy amateur content, solo play, role play, squirting, dick rates, weekly chat and toy play. You will be back to thank us. 

Price: $8.99

4. XoLindseyXo – Best Wisconsin OnlyFans

Lindsey runs her OnlyFans account like an organization with working hours where she replies to her DMs and engages in video calls. This should tell you how dedicated she is to her OnlyFans account. Subscribing on her OnlyFans would not only give you unlimited access to over 2 years worth of content, it will also give you access to juicy solo content, X-rated videos and amateur content. Lindsey also loves to get naked and cum during video calls so if you need company when you need to beat your meat, Lindsey will be available. Subscribe now to learn more. 

Price: $9.99

5. Jacob and Harley – Duo OnlyFans Wisconsin

These poly and pansexual men are a multi-award-winning cam duo and you should totally follow them to see why. Jacob and Harley are a couple who like to get freaky on camera. If you are into gay porn, you will get a kick out of their page. Domination, tease, cream pie, cam show, jerking, and hot full-length sex scenes are the content you stand to enjoy when you subscribe. They also take custom requests and respond to all DMs. Head on now to their page. 

Price: $14.99

6. Tiffany Madison – Hottest Wisconsin OnlyFans

Tiffany Madison is one of the Wisconsin OnlyFans girls who is setting OnlyFans on fire. She is a top 0.5% creator on OnlyFans who achieved the feat by running a hot account that leaves all her fans satisfied and addicted to her page. Get uncensored content on; Anal, B/G, G/G, Threesomes, Solo, Squirting, Dildo play and Orgasm live streams. You are in for unlimited pleasure if you follow right away. 

Price: $7.99

7. Rachel Pratt – Teen OnlyFans Wisconsin

Rachel Pratt recently clocked 18 and she is ready to explore to the fullest, having one of the hottest Wisconsin OnlyFans accounts. This teen is too hot to handle and she isn’t stopping anytime soon. Subscribe for exclusive weekly sex tapes and BBC content. You will also get unlimited access to about 2.9k mind-blowing pictures including nudes and 333 videos that would make you cum in your pants. 

Price: Free

8. Lauren – Top Wisconsin OnlyFans Girls

Lauren is another Wisconsin teen that is bringing the heat to OnlyFans. Apart from sharing nudes, cock ratings and sex tapes on OnlyFans daily, she plays volleyball at the University of Wisconsin. Currently, she has 188 posts on her account and following her will give you immediate access to them. Get ready to journey to fantasyland with Lauren. She has all it takes to satisfy your every craving and leave you longing for more. Follow now.

Price: Free

9. Jasmine Marie – Most active Wisconsin OnlyFans

You will not regret subscribing to this OnlyFans account belonging to Jasmine Marie because you will get value for your money and time. Jasmine Marie is very active on her account making four posts daily and posting videos every Friday.  You will get to enjoy solo tapes, public play, car play, G/G tapes, cum shots, polls and quizzes, and a free cock or pussy rate upon subscription. Subscribe now and we assure you, you will cum immediately.

Price: $10

10. Trix – Gay OnlyFans Wisconsin

When you think about female sexuality, scissoring, fingering, eating out sessions, licking and strap-on dildos, think of Trix. Trix is a chubby, cute and super gay Wisconsin girl who is unapologetically living her sexiest life on OnlyFans. Follow her right away if you are a lover of gay content. Explore her page which has about 2.6k posts you would love. Don’t be told about it, see it for yourself. 

Price: Free

11. Davina – Most Satisfying Wisconsin OnlyFans

Davina calls herself the “real mutha fuckin’ DEAL” and after going through her page, we completely agree with her. When it comes to satisfying her fans, Davina certainly tops that list. She is on OnlyFans to give her fans complete access to uncensored pictures and videos. She is also available to be your online girlfriend and best friend. Subscribe now for custom content and uncensored exclusive adult content that is absolutely free. 

Price: Free

12. Emmy Bre – Most Curvy Wisconsin OnlyFans

If you are searching for a 100% natural curvy Wisconsin model to follow on OnlyFans, then it is our pleasure to introduce Emmy Bre to you. Emmy Bre is very curvy but she doesn’t shoot nudes. Nevertheless, a glance at her perfect body in her bikini is enough to make any man as hard as a rock. Get access to about 668 high-quality shoots and 388 exclusive videos when you subscribe. Her page can also be addictive so be ready to be on her page day in and day out.

Price: $15.20

13. Madalyn Frieder – Most Interactive OnlyFans Wisconsin

Madalyn Frieder is the most interactive Wisconsin creator on OnlyFans. She sends out at least 4 new pieces of content a week and chats daily with her fans. With her 32DD tits, lovers of big tits will surely enjoy her page. Follow to get access to daily nude content, live streams, squirting, B/G, G/G, sexting with live pictures and videos, solo, and naked Tik Toks . You might get addicted to her account but we bet it is a good addiction. 

Price: $6

14.  TessaJane – MILF Wisconsin OnlyFans

The next Wisconsin OnlyFans on our list is Tessa Jane who is a hot stoner MILF. Her OnlyFans account is super hot with about 835 hot pictures and 298 out-of-the-world videos for your viewing pleasure. This dancer, model and influencer loves to respond to her DMs affectionately. She is also open to custom requests and she regularly posts PPV solo, B/G, G/G and dick rates on her page. Additionally, she likes to make it rain as a squirter.  Follow if you need a little bit of spice and everything nice, Tessa Jane has got you covered.

Price: $5.25

15. Lilmissnaaya – Foot Fetish OnlyFans Wisconsin

If you have a foot fetish, you should absolutely follow Lilmissnaaya. This half-Pakistani, half white Wisconsin model has beautiful feet she enjoys flaunting on her OnlyFans page. On her page, you will find about 2k pictures and 347 videos of her gorgeous feet. She doesn’t post her face or voice but have you heard of how sexy mystery is? Her Dm is however open for special requests and she will be at your beck and call. Follow now.

Price: Free

16. Onjolea Paris – Sexiest Wisconsin OnlyFans Accounts

Onjolea Paris is an absolute stunner whose sexiness cannot be resisted. With her innocent face and killer body, you would be at her mercy. As a top 2% creator on OnlyFans, you should know that following her means getting premium content. To get access to sexting, long sex videos, customs, fetishes, dick ratings and panties purchase, follow her right away. 

Price: $10.50

17. Kennie Leigh – Sweetest Wisconsin OnlyFans

You do not need to be told about the bomb that Kennie Leigh is. You have to follow her to experience her yourself. She is a very sweet girl but she is also very naughty. She enjoys making the nastiest content on toy play( butt plug, dildo, vibrator), solo play, dick rates, and G/G. She also enjoys sharing her full nudes, stripping and sexting. With over 600 posts on her wall, be prepared for a cumming festival. 

Price: $13

18. Xxtbearxx – Flirty OnlyFans Wisconsin

Xxtbearxx is a lingerie model who is very flirty, interactive and open minded. She loves to share her nudes on her account. How can she not? With a glorious body like that, she is permitted to. She also enjoys sharing squirt teasers, full length videos, solo content, feet and kink fetish on her OnlyFans account. Following her will give you access to all of these and more so a little advice; do not wait another minute. 

Price: $9

19. Grace Collins – Amateur Wisconsin OnlyFans

Grace Collins is another Wisconsin model to watch out for and to follow immediately. She is as fresh as freshly baked bread with beautiful blonde hair and pretty eyes. A student and soccer player by day and a amateur sex-tape creator by night, Grace Collins is secretly on OnlyFans to do nasty things. She enjoys multiple sex positions. Doggy, cowgirl, missionary and any other sex position you can think of. Be sure to catch a glimpse of her pretty little pink pussy when you go through the 555 posts on her page. Follow now. 

Price: Free

20. Kelsey – Petite Wisconsin OnlyFans

The last but not the least model on our list belong to the gorgeous Kelsey. Kelsey is your sexy petite, purple-haired girlfriend and she is readily available to satisfy your sexual cravings.

Follow her for your daily dose of nudes and full length sex videos. She also replies her DMs personally and makes deep connections with her fans. 

Price: $5

Final Thoughts: 

We have come to the end of the 20 best Wisconsin OnlyFans accounts to follow and we bet that If you go through the accounts on our list, you will agree with us that they are indeed the best. 

Among this list, you would find popular  models, actresses and adult models who are eagerly sharing their uncensored sexy sides for their fans. As usual, we have included the kind of fetishes and content these models are into  also their subscription fee. It is now left to you to enjoy yourself however you want to with the company of these models.