20 Best Straight Guys On OnlyFans to Follow [Straight Male OnlyFans]

OnlyFans space is not just for the girls to rule over the guys; whether an OnlyFans gay, the straight guys, or the femboys also have the same opportunity to dominate the place. Do you see why OnlyFans is a competitive space? OnlyFans guys are sexily hot with irresistible abs, but these guys have what pleasures them, which makes some of them gay and some straight. However, once in a while, they can’t get their eyes off those gays and femboys till they get to see what’s in their briefs.

As we all know, guys, by their nature, are straight, but each and everyone has grown to discover their kinks and what is fun for them when it comes to sexuality. In some parts of the world, gays are not fully accepted, but OnlyFans has given everyone a platform and an equal chance to go for what suits them best. In this article, we will be listing the top 20 best straight guys on OnlyFans to follow. Sit back and enjoy.

20 Top Staright Guys On OnlyFans Accounts: (Straight Male OnlyFans)

1. Andreas Private – Top Straight Guy on OnlyFans

The first on the list is Andreas private, that sexy guy who would make anyone’s eyes pop at every sight of him. He is a slim, tall, and handsome guy whose presence would make you feel like, wow, who birthed this hot guy? He is one of the best OnlyFans straight guys. Sometimes you cannot trust him to be straight. 

He is too hot to handle; even gay guys want to have a thirst for his cock. If you like your man hot and sexy then you need this smoking hot guy to give you that fucking you have always wanted. Visit him on Andreas Private.

Price – $4.50

2. Reece Hunk – Heavily Built Straight Guys on OnlyFans

The next straight guy on OnlyFans is this ultimate muscle hunk who is heavily built and would surely catch your attention with his big body; what do you expect? There is a big cock to complement that body. He is one of the top creators on OnlyFans who also does boys sometimes. He posts content like wanking videos, cum tasting videos, toy play, blow jobs, shower scenes, and more.

He is every girl’s spec with his neatly shaved beards. I doubt any girl would get over this hot straight OnlyFans so soon. To have a taste of his assets visit Reece Hunk and subscribe to his content.

Price – $3.50

3. Hayden Monteleone – Sex Freak Straight Guy OnlyFans 

With more than 822 posts on his OnlyFans account, this straight OnlyFans has enchanted both genders that they can’t resist having their back laid down or their dick in their mouth. No one, not even you would be able to resist his hot OnlyFans with a seductive smile and gorgeous body.

He posts pictures and videos of ass, dick, sex, and a lot of cum videos.

He has a dick that would go around for everyone, good guys ain’t just yours alone but you can take your chances now and follow this straight OnlyFans Hayden Monteleone for exclusive content that would get any girl to that apex.

Price – $9.98

4. Jakub Stefan – Hottest Straight Guy on OnlyFans

The abs which some ladies would refer to as six packs are a turn on the spot for some who like good things. It is a center of attention everyone would notice in a straight guy OnlyFans like Jakub. He is a hot and handsome OnlyFans who has that look that would make any lady horny.

He posts Raw explicit content and daily updates, and he is Fetish friendly.

You can follow this handsome OnlyFans on jakub Stefan for premium content.

Price – $9.99

5. Kid Emi – Most Sensual Straight Male OnlyFans 

This Argentina-based straight guy OnlyFans always works and invests in creating mouth-watering content for his subscribers. He is a famous OnlyFans model with curly hair and pink lips that would drive anyone crazy and demand to be sexually humiliated by him. Kid Emi has those perfect features that would make even a guy fantasize about him. He is one of the most seductive  OnlyFans with his sexy pointed nose. 

He uses his OnlyFans account to post explicit content and also allows video calls and personalized content. Visit here for pleasurable content.

Price – $9.99

6. Reno Gold – Cutest Blow Job Straight Guy OnlyFans Video

Reno sure knows how to make his audience happy and make himself a sight to worship and crave for. He satisfies his subscribers with all that would make them sexually happy by pleasuring himself with toys and serving us blow job videos to keep those tits wetter than ever. With over 443k likes, this OnlyFans straight guy is slowly gathering active fans who love him and his content. To follow this content, subscribe to Reno Gold

Price – $14.99

7. Jayden Rembacher – Big Dick Straight Male OnlyFans Slut

Straight guys on OnlyFans are super versatile, as they do not only give us only the boy and girl content but they sometimes get fucked by a gay or fuck a gay depending upon their audience’s preferences. Jayden here is that OnlyFans model who can’t be resisted by a girl not to talk of a guy. He is desirable and he has a very big dick any girl would run after.

He is a naughty slut who wants a lady who is just the same and would treat him as such, and in return, he would dick her down and penetrate deep into that hole and make her moan at the top of her voice. He privately sells B/G content as well as B/B content and he posts solo content, custom, and responds to Dm. You can reach him on his OnlyFans page Jayden Rembacher for exclusive content.

Price – $3.48

8. Carolseffort – Most Sensual Straight OnlyFans

Carolseffort is the next straight guy OnlyFans on the list. He is an eye candy who would make anyone think cum at the sight of him. He makes sure he posts desirable content that would make girls drool on his page.

The straight guy on OnlyFans posts his complete nude and mature content to give his subscribers much more than they are asking for. So feel free to message him on his OnlyFans Carolseffort and tell him exactly what you want to see.

Price – $5

9. Adamcoussins – Most Handsome Straight OnlyFans 

Adamcoussins is that cute straight guy on OnlyFans who is a model and a sports fanatic. He posts daily uncensored pictures, videos, and live streams of kinky showers, videos, or solo jerk-offs. This handsome OnlyFans here is of the notion that life is hard already so you should enjoy and have all the fun. Part of the fun is never letting a wandering cock go take every opportunity to ride that dick. 

Here is one you should not miss; it would be worth the ride. Subscribe to Adamcoussins for a sexual and sensual ride.

Price – $12.99

10. Blondiepaul – Muscular Straight Guy OnlyFans

Isn’t it a nice view to watch a straight OnlyFans with sexy muscles jerk you off with his big dick? If you would need one then Blondiepaul is that man who is not only hot but also active when it comes to hitting the spot, and going in and out of that honey pot with slimy cum that makes it easy to dig in and hit that spot.

When you subscribe, you get daily updates, fetish fun, nudity games, raw explicit content, and one-on-one chat. Blondiepaul is that man you need to take you on that sexual ride.

Price – $10.99

11. Ben Dudman – Sexy Straight OnlyFans Hunk

What would you expect from a Fitness model and a bodybuilder if not a sexy-looking body that would make every girl lust after him? He is one of the straight OnlyFans models who claim to be straight but also offers gay content. He is heavily built and has that alluring look that complements his body figure. He posts explicit content and also jaw-dropping pictures in his briefs and towels. 

To get naughty, follow and subscribe to this OnlyFans account, Ben Dudman. He awaits your subscription and can’t wait to get naughty with you.

Price – $9.74

12. FitNarad – Most Sexually Explicit Straight Guy OnlyFans Video

This Arab straight OnlyFans model is always excited to show his subscribers sexual content. You get 3 videos for renewing your subscription every time. He does full face and full body content, he accepts personal requests and one on one messages. He loves posting sex tapes, and all other mouth-watering content. Visit FitNarad to see all you have been missing out all along.

Price – $10

13. Ladyjakubowsky – Salacious Straight Guy on OnlyFans 

OnlyFans models have always preferred to come on the OnlyFans platform to post explicit material than anywhere else. Same as this model, he chose OnlyFans of all platforms to relate, communicate and share content with subscribers. The straight OnlyFans Ladyjakubowsky is a hot-looking, erotic, and sensual guy who uses his account to post nudity so his subscribers can have something to feed their eyes on and lust over.

Whether it’s about fucking or getting fucked, Ladyjakubowsky here does it unapologetically with passion and fire in those eyes.

Price – $9.99

14. Peachy Boy – Most Interactive Straight Male OnlyFans

Interaction is essential to keep subscribers on OnlyFans and this is what Peach Boy is all about; interaction. It is his number one thing and one of his ways of showing his fans love. Well, it must be one of the things that keep them stuck on his page. If you enjoy watching long, naughty videos, you can get them with these straight male OnlyFans

He doesn’t only post the long naughty videos but he does all the fucking and cumming with that hot body. Once you subscribe to his page you would definitely get addicted. You sit back and subscribe to Peachy Boy and let the cumming game start.

Price – $5

15. Dread Man – Most Filthy Straight OnlyFans

Have you ever come across a dreadlocks OnlyFans guy? Well, this is one. He is always naked and horny. How does that sound? Yeah, it sounds hot.

He is tall, UK-based, and ready to accommodate anyone irrespective of your orientation. This deadlock straight OnlyFans guy is here to show you long sex tapes filled with filthy cum, recorded from hot revealing angles.

You will get to see solo content, wank and cum, ass exposure, couple B/G, custom, and much more. You can visit Dread Man for exhilarating content.

Price – Free

16. Evanpeix – Most Versatile Straight OnlyFans

Who would have ever thought a guy would be this handsome and so perfect? Evanpeix is a handsome hunk with so much versatile content on his OnlyFans account. If you love exclusive content with this body in it all, then this straight OnlyFans would deliver them to you in full.

He would provide you with dick-rating content, BBC, full nudity, foot fetish friendly, JOI, blow jobs, duos, threesome, anal play, cumming, and more.

You could get a lot by subscribing to Evanpeix.

Price – $5

17. Max Small – Big Cock Straight Men OnlyFans 

Wouldn’t you like to check out this hot straight OnlyFans 9.1 inches of sweetness? Then welcome to the Max Small OnlyFans account, where you would get lots of photos and pleasurable video content, occasional gym content, in and out-of-house jobs, and so much more.

Once subscribed you will get to see all of the content and you would get to know each other one-on-one. Subscribe to Max Small. He is here for all the sweet interactions.

Price – $7

18. Emi Terra – Naturally Sensual Straight Guys OnlyFans 

Do you like to be the slave in romance or do you want to be the submissive one? With Emi Terra straight OnlyFans, you can be anyone.  When you subscribe to his OnlyFans you would enjoy all the good sex he has for you. Just be his baby, whatever you want he is here to make you feel good.

Emi Terra would give you access to one on one private conversation, and regular uploads of his naughty videos.

He would specifically give you personalized content on request, regular nude content completely uncensored on feeds, and more. He is naturally sensual and likes to fuck every day. Subscribe here to be a part of his OnlyFans family.

Price – $3.75

19. Foxxy Tommy – Most Explicit Straight Male OnlyFans

Foxxy Tommy is that straight OnlyFans who shares his man relish with the world. When you cum into his world he would fix things up with his big cock. Besides his big cock he can offer you themed customs, custom video pro, B/B, B/G, content, ass play, solo content, fetish friendly, sec tapes, deep-rating, spit play, live stream, and more. Subscribe to Foxxy Tommy to get content with his big cock; he can’t wait for you to cum with him.

Price – $3.75

20. Ominotauro1 – Best Pleasurable Straight Men OnlyFans

Ominotauro1 is the best pleasurable alpha man with muscles, body packs, and horny vibes. He posts his most intimate sexual experiences and fetishes he practices. He is that man called pleasure with a 22 cm big sweet cock. Sex for him has to be real and intimate, with a nice kiss and the most naughty attention. Great things like this straight OnlyFans come with prices, but his subscription is affordable with an excellent view for your money. You would definitely tip more for his heavenly cock.

Price – $12.99


To conclude, Straight guys can be found anywhere, but the Lust deals have listed the top and the best straight guys OnlyFans with the best cock, body, and sex game; Trust us always to do this. These straight OnlyFans hunks would give you the romantic feeling you deserve, you should subscribe now you don’t know which gay is out there eying them so that they could be OnlyFans gay couple.

We have come to an end, and we expect that you read through, enjoy, and pick the best straight male OnlyFans; together, you can cum all you want.