20 Best Squirters on OnlyFans Profiles to Follow [Squirting OnlyFans]

Squirting, also called female ejaculation, is a fluid released when a man hits a lady’s G-spot. Just as moaning gives a guy joy and motivation to bang and penetrates more when a lady squirts, it shows the pleasure, and the intensity, which makes the sex more enjoyable, and the man feels fulfilled to know that he is hitting the right spot. Not all lady squirts, but those OnlyFans pornstars who do are top-notch, and they know how to play the fuck game so well; they are game changers.

Squirting is what every man loves; it makes the mood sensually mutual.

If you have wanted to experience this orgasm coupled with the release of fluid, then this article is for you. Carefully go through this list of 20 best squirters on OnlyFans and pick the best squirting OnlyFans that suit your fantasies.

20 Hottest Squirting OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

1. Kleio Valentien – Top Tattooed Vixen Squirters OnlyFans

The first on the list is the top tattooed OnlyFans, Vleio Valentien. She is a tight body blow job queen, a lover of fun and kinks, and a Foot Fetish Expert. Humiliation and SPH Pro. She is a beautiful squirt OnlyFans with a juicy pussy. She puts her body and mind in the romance so well that she squirts in her sex scenes.

You won’t regret subscribing to her OnlyFans if you are interested in premium sexual content. Click here to follow her OnlyFans account.

Price – $7.79

2. Katya Clover – Most Popular Nudity and Squirters OnlyFans Video

This OnlyFans model here is not just known to be a hot and popular OnlyFans. She is an art erotic nudity artist who has featured in various TV shows. She is here on OnlyFans for fun and to share all her great content she can’t share anywhere else with her fans. You can’t help but cum when you watch her squirt scenes; it is so intense. She is a free-spirited girl who lives to share premium content of her nudity with her subscribers.

She updates pictures and videos of her shooting scenes, nudist adventures, and more. To have a romance-filled and all-lit-up chat with this squirt OnlyFans, you must subscribe here.

Price – $8

3. LoveAmyPond’s – Most Erotic Redhead OnlyFans Squirter

The next OnlyFans Squirter on the list is our favorite Australian natural redhead with the most radiant smile. She is a cheeky, sexy OnlyFans full of fun erotic art; kiss her by the neck, and you will be amazed at what you get. She is your extra friendly girl next door, a pleasurable squitter, a sexy milf, and a bit of a dork-a-Saurus. She is full of love and has one-on-one interaction with her subscribers. Just tell her what you want, and you get it. 

Amy is as horny as you, so get in her OnlyFans account LoveAmyPond’s, and subscribe for titillating content.

Price – $3.50

4. Sofie Gostosa – Juiciest Booty OnlyFans Squirter

This half Filipina and half Latina with the OnlyFans best squirt video has the juiciest booty that has never left your fantasies. She is a fitness OnlyFans who works out every day to keep that sexy physique in check. Because OnlyFans is where she gets to connect with her fans and subscribers, she makes sure she uploads on her feeds purely nudity videos you can’t resist. 

She posts squirt video content, boy/girl, MFM, MFF, lesbian and Girl/Girl, B/G content, and more. To see these videos, you must subscribe here and get cock drained. For naughty content, turn on your rebill.

Price – $3.75

5. Abby Lynn Fit – Most Exploratory Best Squirter on OnlyFans 

Abby is a sexy OnlyFans teen girl who is a responsive, sassy, and fit girl who loves having fun and constantly exploring new things. This squirt OnlyFans is a fitness addict; she loves to keep her shape intact, and since she loves sex so much, she might also be a fitness addict to keep her sex drive on point. So you have here a very sexually active OnlyFans who would give you a passionate sex scene and hot ejaculation.  She is interested in B/G, G/G, G/B/G content, Solo content, custom, and most importantly, she is fetish friendly. 

By subscribing to her OnlyFans, you get the funniest sight of that juicy booty and more. Click here to experience that more.

Price – $7.19

6. Amouranth – Popular Twitch Streamer OnlyFans Best Squirt Videos

When we talk of the Top and Famous OnlyFans Twitch Streamers give the crown to this best squirt OnlyFans. She is a famous, beautiful, and classy girl you would want to follow for her content. Amouranth is a content creator on OnlyFans who always shares the content of her sexy ass and succulent boobs. She knows how to make her subscribers feel good and satisfy the hottest desires with her sexy eyes and her hot blow job scene.

To get to see her hardcore fuck scene, subscribe to Amouranth OnlyFan’s page; she promises to feed your eyes.

Price – $5.25

7. Skylar Mae – Most Titillating Pussy With the Best Squirt OnlyFans Porn

If you are an enticing and juicy pussy then Skylar Mae is that Girl for you. She is a naughty little OnlyFans a quitter that has that key to making your fantasies real. She has a hot irresistible physique and a pussy that eyes your click to come in and penetrate her slimy haven. This Squirters OnlyFans model does a good sucking game with her tongue and with her hands, she rubs a hot orgasm outta a cock. With all of her content, she has pulled up plenty of active followers with more than 2.55 million likes on her OnlyFans.

She posts exclusive girl-on-girl content, naughty solid, squirting, anal and more. Follow Skylar Mae for pleasurable sex tapes.

Price – $3.24

8. Emma Magnolia – Fans Relationship Oriented OnlyFans Squirter

Squirting is one of the pleasures of sex for this best squirting OnlyFans. When you subscribe for the first month, you get a free squirt video for yourself. This chubby OnlyFans nerd has thousands of photos and tons of videos on her wall and lots of sex tapes. She loves getting to know her fans and she promptly answers her messages. If you join her OnlyFans subscribers, you get new content every day, and new videos every week. a peek into her sex life, and her genuine personality. 

Once you stay for a month, send her a DM and she will send you another sex tape of your choice for free. Find your way to her OnlyFans page  Emma Magnolia and make your first subscription.

Price -$3.25

9. Madison Knox – Southern Curvy OnlyFans Squirter

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Here is another one. Madison Knox is a southern squirt OnlyFans who loved to play. With more than 10.8k posts she has swept her subscribers off and made them functional as active on every post. With this, she has gathered over 1.57 million likes and love for her content. Madison is a hot OnlyFans model with a sexy curve, round booty, and a big tit.

She gives premium content of squirting, B/G, anal play, sexting, live shows, and much more. You wouldn’t want to miss out on her amazing content; subscribe to Madison Knox.

Price – Free

10. Sophie Dee – Hottest Sultry Squirt OnlyFans

There are different shades of OnlyFans pornstar, and Sophie Dee here is one of the hottest squirters OnlyFans with a fierce look when matched with a red lip, a seductive body, and titillating tits. The energy use brings in is unmatched.

You should see this sultry Onlyfans squirter in her bikini flaunting her sexy ass and body curves. She is the girl for the game.

This OnlyFans is always active to give exclusive content of her sex scenes. It is always a sight to watch when she releases that sweet fluid while being banged by an OnlyFans Straight guy. If you are that man who is always horny, this is your match. It would help if you met here for access to content straight from her feed.

Price – Free

11. Niamh Velvet – Chubby Interracial Best Squirting OnlyFans 

This sexy chubby model with the curve and hottest body is that girl who deserves your subscription. You deserve the king treatment from this English curvy OnlyFans interracial model. Niamh is always horny and she doesn’t mind sucking and fucking any dick she comes across. She is the queen of creampies and a squirt OnlyFans. She has the prettiest hole you would love to see and a sexy tattoed there for tour view. 

This OnlyFans squirter is here for boy/girl, girl/girl, boy/boy/girl, boy/girl/girl, threesomes, orgies, dick-rating, and more.

Join her today on her OnlyFans page and you will enjoy all the goodness.

Price – $5

12. Kimmy’s Premium accountBest Squirt OnlyFans Petite Cosplayer 

Kimmy is your petite Malaysian OnlyFans doll who is a cosplayer and an OnlyFans squirter. She offers various sexual content which you would get as soon as you subscribe. You would have access to blow job content, B/G, Squirting video, Hand job, NTR/ Cuckold/ threesome (MMF), solo play with all sorts of toys, nudes, and video clips, and more. Follow her on OnlyFans to subscribe.

Price -$8

13. Abigail Morris VIP – Biggest Tit OnlyFans Best Squirt Porn

All OnlyFans models have their kinks and to who they are attracted. Abigail here is a hot lesbian with one of the biggest tit on OnlyFans. She is a chubby hot nerd who could bring all your dirty thoughts to life. She is squirt OnlyFans who does anal, B/G, crazy public dares, cock videos, custom videos, JOI, and more.

She is fetish friendly, let her be your fantasy.

Price – $6

14. Violet Myers – Thick Sexy Squirters OnlyFans

Violet is an OnlyFans Twitch streamer, and porn model. She has a thick body, right, booty and boobs. She is a sexy porn OnlyFans squirter. Every guy would like to have a taste of her succulent breast and her cummy pussy. You can’t resist going into her holes. She is a very hot candy and a squirter. Do your cock the good of giving it treatments like violet, dip your cock in her hole and get her liquid splashed all over the place.

Price – $4

15. Lena Paul – Filthy Best OnlyFans Squirter

Lena Paul is an OnlyFans baddie, hottie, filthy just bring them on she can be all for you. She fucks like her life depends on it and makes sure to reach that orgasm where she can help but to squirt. She is one of the best squirting OnlyFans.

This Caucasian OnlyFans has tons of squirting videos on her OnlyFans page for you to feed your eyes on. You can get to see them here but first, you have to subscribe to her OnlyFans account.

Price – Free

16. Diana Vazquez – Endowed OnlyFans Squitter

Diana is a small-town girl based in Florida. She is a sweet and classy whore who knows how to seduce with style. She is bold and endowed with assets every lady would want and doesn’t mind paying for.

Diana Vazquez is here for you and awaits your subscription. Reach the OnlyFans squirter on her OnlyFans for all the romances you can’t help but have.

Price – $5

17. Lexi – Curvy OnlyFans Squirting College Girl 

To get discounted squirting OnlyFans sex tapes of an OnlyFans Model, Lexi is that model who would bring to your timeline mouth-watering content at a good rate.

She has gathered more than 2.15 million likes from her followers with her curvy body physique, sexy tattoo, and spotless skin.

Lexi is that go to OnlyFans when you want those squirting tapes from an OnlyFans model.

Price – Free

18. Bimbo Waifu – Bootilicious Squirt OnlyFans

Bimbo is the best fuck doll and addictive OnlyFans squirter with a big tit.

She has colorful ink on her body that complements her white skin making it all radiant and attractive. She is active in her DM, go in there and subscribe to her OnlyFans for salacious content.

Price – Free

19. Lexie Essex – Most Elegant OnlyFans Squirter 

Lexie is a bisexual nympho who loves to squirt and play with you.

This best squirting OnlyFans is chubby, curvy, and beautiful. She has a physique you can’t resist with her hotness and seductive body she carries so elegantly.

To follow her content, you can subscribe to Lexie Essex, and you can get it all there.

Price – $3.25

20. Creamy Natalie – Most Goofy Anal Slut OnlyFans Squirter

The last but one of the sexiest and curvy OnlyFans. She is that goofy OnlyFans squirter who will give you multiple sex tapes of sex scenes where she is squirting as far as you remain her subscriber.

She has tons of videos on her page where she is getting fucked, gagging all over juicy cocks, and getting her pretty little face nutted on.

To subscribe you can reach her on OnlyFans as Creamy Natalie.

Price – $9.74


In conclusion, there are many Squirts OnlyFans with hot and seductive shapes from different walks of life competing for attention. But here, we have selected the top and the best 20 for you to choose from and subscribe to. Read on and carefully pick the best squirters on OnlyFans that suit your tastes.