Hot 20 – Best Lesbians OnlyFans Models to Follow [Hottest Lesbian on OnlyFans]

All of us have fantasies. Sometimes it’s challenging to fulfill our darkest desires in the real world. That is why pornographic content exists in this world. And the leading platform for fulfilling these fantasies is OnlyFans. One such fantasy is Lesbian action. 

Now that the world is modernized, gender identity has been quite complicated. However, Lesbianism is quite common and straightforward. Feeding this fantasy category, many lesbian models have started their OnlyFans accounts. Let’s take a look at the best lesbian OnlyFans models that you can follow for great action.

Featured Lesbian OnlyFans Models  


Top 20 – Best lesbian OnlyFans Models to Follow 

1. Riley Reid – Top Lesbian OnlyFans Model

Riley Reid - Top Lesbian OnlyFans Model

With a great amount of experience in the Porn Industry, Riley Reid has been growing her OnlyFans account exponentially. She has a sexy figure that really matches her rank on this list. With more than 13,000 images and 600+ videos, Riley Reid is one of the top models on OnlyFans. 

However, her desire for sensuality expands to lesbian content as well. With a body like hers, you just know how hot it would be to see an equally bomb gal making out with her. She also posts behind-the-scenes action on her OnlyFans, so you can check out the off-cam lifestyle of this top lesbian OnlyFans model. To be one of the 2 million people who like her posts daily, just click here and visit Riley Reid.

Price- $5

2. Livvalittle – More Than Just Lesbian OnlyFans

Livvalittle - More Than Just Lesbian OnlyFans

Another lesbian OnlyFans account with a variety of content. Along with straight sexual content, it indeed has Lesbian action on it. With that, videos featuring various kind of toys, fuck machines, etc. is already posted on this OnlyFans account. Not only solo videos, but the account also has a threesome and even foursome content available. A lot of wildness can be expected on her lesbian OnlyFans account. So go right now to visit the girl next door.

Price- $3

3. Your_submissive_doll– Submissive Lesbian OnlyFans Girl 

Your_submissive_doll- Submissive Lesbian OnlyFans Girl

As her name suggests, she likes to submit to her dominant partner. She’s one of the hottest OnlyFans models on this list and her content is also fiery hot. She posts at least five times a day and all of her content is explicit. Just like many other models on OnlyFans, she also likes to interact with her viewers. Even though she has gained so much fame among the lesbian OnlyFans community, her age is only 19. Her fetishes are just out of this world, which includes shower sex and wax play. If you melt by watching some hot wax, then Valorie is the perfect lesbian OnlyFans model for you.

Price- $11.79

4. JadeTeen – Lesbian OnlyFans Page with Most Variety

JadeTeen - Lesbian OnlyFans Page with Most Variety

The amount of content that this account will provide is absolutely remarkable. With a lot of love for various fetishes, JadeTeen will blow your mind. You absolutely need to visit this account because almost all of the fetishes are here. May it be straight action or lesbian fantasies, it’s all here. From solo riding and fucking with a fuck machine to enjoying the hotness of orgies, JadeTeen will provide you with so much. This lesbian OnlyFans account can offer you Anal, Creampie, Cunnilingus, Multi-girl, Ass eating, celebrity sex, POV, and whatnot.

 Price- $6

5. Nita Marie – MILF Lesbian on OnlyFans

Nita Marie - MILF Lesbian on OnlyFans

If you like older women, Nita is the perfect MILF for you. She is interested in everything and posts a variety of content. From straight sex to lesbian content, from solo to orgies, she also likes trying out her strapon with her partners. At the age of 40, Nita is the perfect mommy with huge boobs. We strongly recommend you visit the hot lesbian OnlyFans account of hers.

Price- FREE

6. Babytatiana – Schoolgirl Lesbian on OnlyFans

Babytatiana - Schoolgirl Lesbian on OnlyFans

Barely of the legal age of 18, babytatiana has achieved more success than many older lesbian OnlyFans models. With more than 138k fans across the globe, she is very near to being the top lesbian model on this list. 

She’s just a horny schoolgirl who likes to explore her body sexually in front of the camera. With a great collection of solo, lesbian, and group sex content, babytatiana’s OnlyFans account is booming with likes. Her body is so sexy for a schoolgirl that you would not believe it at first. Like many top lesbian OnlyFans models, she also likes to interact with her viewers through sexting, video chats, etc. So why not check out this barely legal hottie on her OnlyFans account.

Price- $9.99

7. Secretlittle – Best Roleplay Lesbian Model

Secretlittle - Best Roleplay Lesbian Model

A love for modeling, a sizzling hot body, and being open to homosexuality. What else is required to be one of the best lesbian OnlyFans models? Secretlittle has all of it and that’s why she is in the third position on this list. 

Her content includes nearly 5,000 explicit pictures and more than 200 immersive videos that you can enjoy. Although she looks kind of a vanilla lover, her desire for light BDSM is ironically intense. She likes femdom, submissive, and fetish content once in a while. Her role-plays seem real and that’s why her fandom crushes all over her. We recommend you to watch her sexy lesbian OnlyFans action by visiting her profile right now.

Price- $5.40

8. Savannah Solo – Most Noble Lesbian OnlyFans Model

Savannah Solo - Most Noble Lesbian OnlyFans Model

Savannah is a hot lesbian OnlyFans model who often likes to go solo. As the concept of lesbianism is derived from the needlessness of a man, Savannah sure proves it to be true. As there are many toys and ways in this world using which, you can play with yourself. 

Platforms like OnlyFans do not have a socially acceptable reputation. However, Savannah has received awards because of her acts, not literally though. She contributes 10% of her OnlyFans earnings to the victims of sex trafficking. So why not help Savannah more in her noble cause by visiting her lesbian OnlyFans page.

Price- $6

9. Belle Olivia – Naughtiest Lesbian OnlyFans Model

All of her explicit content with no censorship will be found on her OnlyFans account. On this account, she posts mad sexy stuff which cannot be SFW in any way possible. A hot body combined with an intense desire for sex is just killer. As that is the case with Belle Olivia

At just 19 years old, she is already a top lesbian OnlyFans model, which is commendable. Even if you consider her young, her naughtiness has already matured. With a love for fetishes, group sex, lesbian intercourse, and anal pleasure, Belle is one of the naughtiest lesbian OnlyFans models on this list. Check out her sensual action by clicking here.

Price- $6

10. Evelyn – Lesbian With Two Pussies!

Evelyn - Lesbian With Two Pussies!

This model on our list is truly physically special as she was born with two vaginas. That feels weird right? Not to her fandom who enjoy two, sometimes three, and luckily even four pussies in one video. That’s right, this lesbian OnlyFans model performs lesbian acts, threesomes, foursomes with three ladies, and so on. 

What’s better than penetration is double penetration and Evelyn here can perform Triple penetration which is remarkably hot. Her fandom enjoys Anal content, her two pussies, lesbian acts with three or four pussies, and all that in 4k resolution. So why not join her lucky fandom by subscribing to Evelyn right now!

Price- $10

11. Audrey and Sadie – Double Trouble on Lesbian OnlyFans

Audrey and Sadie - Double Trouble on Lesbian OnlyFans

These two smoking-hot ladies are killing it on their OnlyFans. With more than 5,000 pieces of content on their account, they have managed to gather a fanbase of more than 10k people. These two ladies indulge in Anal sex, lesbian make-out, sometimes vanilla straight action, and occasional group sex. 

Their hot lesbian OnlyFans profile showcases some dark fetishes like feet, toys, cum kissing, threesomes, and even ass eating. They perform their acts in a very sensual way that you can’t take your eyes off their content. After all, two hot ladies are better than one. So go check them out on audreyandsadie.

Price- $10

12. Mommy – Best Lesbian OnlyFans MILF

Mommy - Best Lesbian OnlyFans MILF

By her name you might have already guessed that she is a MILF. From the continent of Australia, this naughty lesbian OnlyFans MILF is worth checking out. Natasha here has so many kinks, including lesbian sex, she also likes son-mommy roleplays, POVs, breeding fetishes, and group sex. Apart from these light kinks, Natasha is also into some rough sex fetishes. 

Filling her mature pussy with large toys, double penetration, Anal play and so much more. This dominatrix is also into using strap-ons on not only lovely ladies but also naughty boys. She loves pegging and domination in master-slave fetishes. If you think MILFs are your turn-ons, then you must check out Mommy Natasha’s hot lesbian OnlyFans account.

Price- $10

13. Abigaiil Morris– Fetish Loving Lesbian OnlyFans Chick

Moving to the next model on our list of top lesbian OnlyFans models is Abigaiil Morris. She has various fetishes including squirting, findom, anal, and of course, lesbian action. While her profile includes all types of content, it also has some hot sizzling girl-on-girl action that you will surely enjoy. All of her content is explicit and uncensored. Her viewers are truly satisfied with her content and it’s time for you to be one of her viewers. Just click here to visit her. 

Price- $3

14. Victoria– Most Innocent Looking Lesbian OnlyFans Model

Looking like any next-door girl, Victoria’s face easily fools many. With an innocent face that hides her naughty desires and a smoking hot body that proves them, Victoria is one of the top lesbian OnlyFans models on this list. 

You better hide your girlfriend from this sexy lesbian OnlyFans model or else her enchanting body will just steal your girlfriend. With her comprehensive content, Victoria is worth checking out.

Price- $3

15. Lexy Anne – Hottest Lesbian Content

The next lesbian on OnlyFans making it on this list is Lexy Anne. Lexy has a thing for sexting and she posts all kinds of content. She also has some straight action, but if you are looking for some lesbian action, Lexy Anne would not disappoint you. From straight to lesbian, every type of content can be found on her OnllyFans account.

Price- FREE

16. Lola– Youngest Lesbian OnlyFans Chick

Lola is the youngest in this list of top lesbian OnlyFans models. As she has barely turned the legal age of 18, she is already a sensation in lesbian fandom. With a love for bisexuality, Lola creates explicit content including straight, lesbian, and hot threesome action. 

With a great body that Lola is blessed with, she is the newest member of the lesbian OnlyFans community. Even though she is a lesbian, she likes creating straight and threesome content just for the audience. With an equally sexy chick by Lola’s side and a very fortunate guy, we know that Lola’s content is gonna be fiery hot. 

Price- $3

17. Baddybunz – Young Lesbian OnlyFans Babe

Another girl that just turned 18 like Lola. Baddybunz is a sexy lesbian OnlyFans account that features various kinds of content. She posts masturbation, squirting, and lesbian action videos on her OnlyFans. With a smoking hot body and a greatly shaped booty, Baddybunz can easily rise to the top in the coming future. 

Price- FREE

18. Blake Bambi World – Lover Couple Lesbians

Men enjoy two girls making out in a hot fashion. The assumptions of what happens in a girls’ hostel always include some sizzling lesbian action. This is your chance to see what happens behind the doors of two girl roommates. However, instead of just being roommates, these two are lovers for life. 

Seeing these two love birds indulge in hot romance is just out of this world. From their smoking hot figure to their sizzling lovemaking, anything they do may make heterosexuals question their own orientation. You can find this fiery hot duo at their lesbian OnlyFans account – Blake Bambi World

Price- $6.98

19. Milkimind – Cosplayer Lesbian OnlyFans Nerd

One of the top competitors in this race is Milkimind. With her sexy cosplays and gaming attires, she posts diverse content on her OnlyFans. She also has a lot of fetishes including, femdom, foot fetish, pet play, chastity play, and of course, lesbian sex. She is also into Findom, so you just know how much this hot chick loves money. So why not visit her lesbian OnlyFans account and buy her subscription right now! This will satisfy her with the money and you with the explicit content posted on her OnlyFans

Price- $7.50

20. Esme – Super Hot Lesbian OnlyFans Chick

She is a hottie on OnlyFans. With a lot of content to share, she has managed to earn a reputation amongst the OnlyFans community. Esme likes lesbian action so much that her content mostly includes hot girl-on-girl action. She also offers a variety of content in the form of BGG threesomes. With a great dressing sense and a hot figure, she has earned this last stop on our list of top lesbian OnlyFans models.

Price- $3


If you love some girl-on-girl action, then you have found the right article. We have given a detailed description of the content that they post including their fetishes and fantasies. These women have accomplished success in this category with their sexy lesbian action and fiery hot content. This list of top lesbian OnlyFans is a very wild, hot, sexy rollercoaster of fetishes and fantasies. So make sure to read the whole article and choose your favorite lesbian OnlyFans model from the list.