20 Best Hairy OnlyFans Accounts to Follow

As sexual beings, we all  have different fetishes that we get a kick out of. It could be incest, cosplay, interracial, or even hairy. Over the past years, both the beauty industry and mainstream porn have shown that having no hair is the norm so men and women alike now wax off their pubic hair, armpit hair, and even body hair.

 However, some people have a thing for hair. If the sight of a heavy or light mass of hair turns you on and makes your feet wobbly, you might just have a hairy fetish. A word of advice from us? You need to explore this fetish! One way you can do this is to subscribe to hairy creators on OnlyFans. Fortunately for you, there are tons of creators on OnlyFans with big beautiful bushes you would love. The only problem you might encounter on the platform is searching for these accounts but trust us to come through as always.

We have compiled a list of the 20 best hairy 

And we bet that at the end of this article, you will give us our flowers for a job well done.

1. KaliBest Hairy OnlyFans

The best hairy OnlyFans on our list belong to the beautiful hairy goddess, Kali who is setting OnlyFans ablaze with her exceptional content. Subscribing to her account will grant you unlimited access to multiple artistic, explicit, erotic, and intimate content that will make your balls full to the brim. As a free-spirited woman who loves to travel and connect with people, expect a personal experience where you stand the opportunity to talk to her regularly. You will also get access to sizzling B/G content, G/G content, and solo content when you subscribe.


2.  Yeti – Best Hairy Men OnlyFans

Yeti is that hairy alpha male that loves to destroy, bottom, thrash talk, get sucked and cum all over your body. Does this make your dick hard? If it does, hold on, that’s not all. Yeti has strong muscles, a handsome face, and a hairy body that will mesmerize you and tempt you. Subscribe to his OnlyFans page for premium content on blowjob sex tapes, dildo play, anal games, and high-quality customs. With about 1.2k uncensored content waiting for your viewing pleasure, you would not regret subscribing

Price: $4

3. Yaya – Top Hairy OnlyFans Nude

According to Yaya; this non-binary model, horny hours are 24/7 in their house. This means that you are in for the best time of your sexual life if you subscribe to their OnlyFans page. Yaya is always naked and ready to showcase their beautiful hairy nude body and pussy. Posting every other day, you get to see content like solo, stripping, creaming, toy play, spreading, twerking,  spanking, cum tributes, genital rates, and more. Currently, they have about 722 erotic pictures and 456 explicit videos posted on their profile. Subscribe now to have access to all of these goodies.

Price: $6

4.  Ruby Peach –   Hottest OnlyFans Hairy Nude

Ruby is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful blue eyes, a hairy thick body, and big booty. She enjoys exploring and flaunting her hairy body. If you have been searching for natural and unedited OnlyFans hairy nude, Ruby will satisfy you. She loves being fully naked and she isn’t scared of posting her nude. Subscribe now to her account and enjoy over 7k fully nude pictures and over 500 videos. You will also have access to her premium live shows, solo, soft-core G/G, B/G, anal, and fetish content. Ruby Peach also enjoys chatting with her fans so cum ready to know her on a deeper level.

Price: $5

5. Teddy Bear – Naughtiest OnlyFans Hairy Gay

Let us introduce you to the hairiest man on OnlyFans who never shaves or trims his hair. Teddy Bear loves taking fan requests and making custom content so subscribe for an unlimited fur experience. Having about 1.7k pictures and 785 videos on his page currently, you will get access to daily posts,100% full sex videos, threesomes content, gay content, voice, and solo content. Come discover why he has one of the best-reviewed sites out there.  There is no need to wait another minute. Subscribe now. 

Price: $9.99 

6. Ivan Fernandez –  Big Dick OnlyFans Hairy Men

Ivan Fernandez is a top Mexican creator on OnlyFans with the best hairy, big and thick dick. If you do not subscribe to his OnlyFans account right away, you would be missing a lot of exclusive content on solo videos, duos, threesomes, and foursomes. Get ready to be pleased, teased, and satisfied when you watch him breed sluts with his monster-huge dick. Head on now to his account to see for yourself. He currently has about 1.7k premium posts for you. Subscribe now.

Price: $3.74

7. Paris Bush — Amateur Hairy OnlyFans Model

Do you love good amateur content that can make you cum in your pants instantly? Does the thought of a hairy pussy turn on you? Well, if your answer to these questions is yes, you have come to the right place because you are about to be introduced to Paris Bush. Parish Bush has a thick bush that you will love to ravish. She enjoys making amateur and anal content so subscribing to her page will grant you access to tons of this content. You will also get access to solo, B/G, G/G, threesomes, custom content, and sexting with no hidden fees. 

Price: $4.05

8. MickeyHairy Armpits OnlyFans

Looking for the best hairy armpits OnlyFans account to subscribe to? Follow this cute petite brunette who is all natural and tattooed with hairy armpits and hairy pussy. Mickey is a gardener who is creative and artistic and you can see it through her OnlyFans page. With about 740 beautiful well-curated posts on her page, you will be amazed at her creativity. Get to see her nudes and amateur high-quality content when you subscribe to her page

Price: $7.50

9. Hairy Muscle bearHairy Muscle OnlyFans

With muscles like that of Hairymusclebear, who needs a pillow to cuddle? He has muscles and body hair that can sweep anyone off their feet. Subscribe to his OnlyFans page and enjoy uncensored and explicit pictures and videos that are too hot to handle. Full frontal nudes, sexting, customs, and collaborations with other creators on OnlyFans are all you will be pleased with once you subscribe.

Price: $16

10. Mia Stewart –   Australian OnlyFans Hairy Armpits

Mia Stewart is an Australian beauty with pierced perky tits  who is super active on OnlyFans. Having about 2.3k pictures and 298 videos on her page, you should have it at the back of your mind that you can never run out of content to view. She enjoys making the content of her hairy armpits, hairy pussy, anal, and masturbation. Her hairy pussy is one you will be fascinated to see. It growls and squirts. So run along now and subscribe to her account

Price: $9.99

11. Seattle Dad –  Dominant Hairy Gay OnlyFans

This dominant hairy dad from Seattle is on OnlyFans to film his adventures with boys and friends. Subscribe to join in this adventure. You can find content on feet, Bj, and threesomes on his OnlyFans page. You can also get access to about 1.2k uncensored pictures and over 600 hot videos that will make you sweat. Fantasy land is waiting for you, subscribe now.

Price: $10

12. Majikmilk – British Hairy BBW OnlyFans

The next best hairy OnlyFans account on our list belongs to this hot British BBW who is curvy with huge tits, big booty, hairy armpits, and a full pussy bush. Majikmilk prides itself on giving her fans a genuine and unique experience she only can give. So if you are still wondering why you should subscribe, think of the hot nudes, blowjobs, facials, squirting, live videos, cream-pies, B/G, solo anal, and JOI content you will have access to. There is still so much we cannot spill so go check her out yourself. 

Price: $7.50

13. Calita – Most Horny Hairy OnlyFans Model

Calita is fully grown and always horny. She is sharing her naked hairy body on her OnlyFans account from all angles so it would be nice for you to take a look at it. However, be prepared to beat your meat mercilessly because the sight of it will make your cock harder than a rock. Calita wants to be your internet friend with benefits so subscribe right away. Daily nudes, Vulva closeups, solo content, explicit content, G/G, B/G, orgy, and custom content are all you will get when you subscribe. 

Price: $7.50

14. William – Big Dick OnlyFans Hairy Gay

Ever seen an impressive 8 inches hairy dick before? Cum take a peep at William’s dick and be blown away. He is currently on OnlyFans to show his sexy body and perfect hairy dick to satisfy the desires of his fans. Subscribe to enjoy twinks content, hot muscular content, and lots of BDSM content. Additionally, there are tons of sex videos for you. Currently, there are about 390 pictures and 283 videos posted on his wall and you get instant access to them once you subscribe.

Price: $9.99

15. Rebel Fuzz –  Queer Hairy OnlyFans Model

Rebel is a queer Irish hairy punk with a passion for lewd, hedonistic, joyful, and artistic. Her OnlyFans account is where you should subscribe if you are looking for exclusive solo content, genuine connection, free hot videos, and real orgasm. Subscribe to have instant access to about sizzling 2.7k pictures and 276 explicit videos already posted on her wall.

Price: $14 

16. Carloseffort – Huge OnlyFans Gay Hairy

If you have been searching for a huge, thick, muscled, bearded and hairy scruff hunk, search no more because you have come to the right place. Carlos has a 9 inches dick that can drive anyone crazy. He loves to fuck, suck and show off. With about 800+ nude pictures showcasing his hairy huge dick,  bubble butt, and thick thighs, subscribe to find out why he is an owner of such a glamorous adult OnlyFans profile.

Price: $9.99

17. Hairy Clara –  Gorgeous Hairy armpit OnlyFans

Hairy Clara is a 33 years old gorgeous natural orgasmic goddess who loves to share her hairy naked body on her OnlyFans account. Let Clara be your girl for your daily dose of hot pictures and videos. Also get access to custom videos, striptease, dick ratings, bath shows, role play, public, sexting, and fetish when you subscribe

Price: $4

18. Mydadswife  – Busty Hairy Milf OnlyFans

This 46 year old Milf is very busty and ready to make heads turn. She is a former college counselor who is sharing her dirty texts and time with her stepson. Subscribe to this virtual naughty stepmom and get unlimited access to lots of uncensored pictures, hardcore videos, hairy pussy and bush worship, custom videos, and other hot content. 

Price: $4.20

19. Mineiro – Nasty OnlyFans Hairy Men

Mineiro is a Brazilian hairy guy who is ready to do everything his fans request for. Subscribe right away to be able to request anything from him. He is very nasty and loves to have dirty conversations. Having about 441 lit posts on his page, we cannot help but rate him as one of the best hairy OnlyFans accounts. 

Price: $7.49

20. Hairy CalvinHairy Calvin OnlyFans

Last but not least hairy OnlyFans account on our list belongs to Hairy Calvin. Hairy Calvin is very deliberate about making his fans happy and he does so without wasting time posting teasers or advertising other accounts. He explores content on hairy fetish, edging, public, outdoor, and closeups. Subscribe now and get instant access to tons of content you will love. 

Price: $8.49

Final Thoughts

We have curated the list of the 20 best hairy OnlyFans accounts to follow. On this list, you will find diversities to suit your preferences. We have the Milf hairy OnlyFans, the gay hairy OnlyFans, and even the BBW hairy OnlyFans. We hope you have a blast as you stroke your dick!