Hot 20- Best Gay Couples on OnlyFans Accounts to Follow

Over the years, it has become easier for people to pleasure themselves. With the continuous invention of numerous sex toys, bashful sex movies, and the increasing growth of OnlyFans, people have a lot of wanking content options to choose from. Speaking of OnlyFans, there are a variety of OnlyFans accounts to suit your sexual preferences, desires, and fantasies. Not only are there hot gays, lesbians, and femboy OnlyFans accounts, but there are also gay couples on OnlyFans. Here, you can get two hot hunks for the price of one.

However, you may find it difficult to identify the gay couple OnlyFans accounts that would give you actual value for your money with scintillating content. This is why we have put together this best gay couple OnlyFans list. Below is a list of the most intense gay couple OnlyFans. Read through to pick your preferred pair in raunchy actions.


Top Gay Couple Profiles on OnlyFans: ( Hottest Male Gay Couples Porn)

Let’sEatCakexx – Yummiest Screen Name

Looking at the account name, it is no surprise that this is the first on our list. Let’sEatCakexx is not only the yummiest screen name on OnlyFans but harbors some of the raunchiest content. The account is handled by Kaden and Tyler Hylls. They are both sexy gay models who have no reservations about exploring their bodies. These hunks offer hundreds of full-length and hard-core videos that’ll leave you dripping. If you’d like to get an abundance of creamy content, then you should consider subscribing to this gay couple OnlyFans. 

Price – $4 for a month

Dante & Romeo – Hottest Gay Couple OnlyFans

What is more entertaining and provocating than watching two sexy fellows who are in love have spicy and kinky sex? Dante & Romeo tops the list of the hottest gay couples on OnlyFans. The two hot guys are shamelessly in love and show it in the way they ravage each other’s bodies. They are very happy to indulge their fans with their sexual exploits, and always serve to stimulate full-length videos that range between 8-10 minutes. And what’s more, they offer discounts from time to time so you can get the chance to save while enjoying constant horny content. What are you waiting for, subscribe to this OnlyFans gay couple account, now!

Price – $9.75 per month

JonyandMartins – Most Popular OnlyFans Content Creator

Jony is an Argentinian with a well-sculpted body covered with tattoos. Coupled with being the most popular content creator on OnlyFans, Jony offers romantic gay couple OnlyFans content. The first thing you’ll see when you open the Jony Peder OnlyFans page is lovemaking with Martins. Martins is the gorgeous lover of Jony Peder. They are both horny fuckers and with Jony’s impressive cock, you are guaranteed an erotic show. The account has a vivid collection of hot sex images and videos to whet your sexual appetite and leave you craving for more. Subscribe to learn more about these hot gay couples on OnlyFans

Price – $12.99 per month

Gay 0161 couple – Best OnlyFans Gay couple

Gay0161 couple is an OnlyFans gay couple that is very versatile and fetish. They are down to satisfy every sexual desire of their fans. From sex texting to role play, they offer a lot of naughty content. You can even request raunchy custom images and videos if you want. They’d be sure to make them just the way you like them to fulfill your sexual fantasies. Their dirty language is sure to get you in the mood once you chat them up and they’re open to getting to know you better. If you’re one with kinky habits and fetish, then Gay 0161 couple is the one for you!

Price – $15.99 per month

Cameron & Alex – Favorite TikTok Gay OnlyFans Couples

Popularly known on TikTok as bromosexual boys, this raunchy pair has now made a name for themselves as one of the best gay OnlyFans couple. With their large cocks, and naughty tricks, this OnlyFans gay couple loves to have fun with their bodies. You’d be sure to get throbbing cocks by just looking through their explicit sexual pictures. The good thing is that Cameron & Alex offer everything at an affordable price.

Price- $12.99

Svandylove – Sexy Gay OnlyFans Couple

If you’d like to come daily, then svandylove is the ideal gay OnlyFans couple for you. Starring two young and sexy twinks, the OnlyFans gay couple page is always updated with freaky content riddled with nasty comments that will turn you on. There are numerous tempting pictures as well as hard-core videos of the couple fucking. The duo are always horny and do not fail to carry their fans along in their daily sexual exploits. Subscribe to this OnlyFans gay couple page to get ecstatic ass play content of two twink boys with big dicks.

Price- $12.49 per month 

Callumandcole – Real Life OnlyFans Gay Couple

Callum and Cole are one of the best gay couples on OnlyFans. They were even nominated for the award of the top twink performer on pornhub. This gay OnlyFans couple provides a series of exclusive porn videos and images that you can jerk off to. You can also send them a direct message to engage in sex chatting that will make you nut hard. Subscribe now to take advantage of the 50% discount.

Price- $14.99 per month

Jordan and Nathan – Passionate OnlyFans gay couple

Currently living in the UK, Jordan, and Nathan are OnlyFans gay couples that are passionate about kinks. The account seems to be owned by Jordan who loves to film his kinky habits and hot fucks with his partner for the fans. He constantly stays in touch with their fans and is committed to fulfilling the wildest sexual fantasies of anyone. All you need do is ask, and they’ll deliver. If you’d prefer to see hot cock adult content that looks and feel natural plus come at a cheap price, do well to check out this OnlyFans gay couple account

Price- $9.9 per month 

Jack and Joey – United Kingdom OnlyFans Gay Couple

This account is owned and run by Jack Cameron who shares his hottest and most intimate moment with his handsome boyfriend. They are a United Kingdom OnlyFans gay couple that posts erotic content every day and is quick to reply to DMs. The two hulks, Jack & Joey are so sexy and watching them make slow love would definitely put you in the mood. Send them a direct message today once you have subscribed to their gay couple OnlyFans.

Price – $9.95 per month

Jacob and Harley Multi-award winning cam couple

One thing about gay men is the ability to both dominate and submit. Watch two studs who like to take turns to dominate one another and fuck their ass out. This duo like to tease themselves and their fans as they pleasure each other in their cam shows. If you’re one for BDSM content, then this gay couple OnlyFans will have you so hard, that you’d be wanking for a long time. They take custom requests and reply to all DMs from subscribers. Just subscribe to their gay couple OnlyFans to get them to actualize your naughty sex fantasies.

Price- $14.99 per month 

Rick and Griff – Cutest Married Couple

Would you like to see a healthy gay relationship in life, and in bed? Yes? Then Rick and Griff are the gay couple OnlyFans for you. This duo may look like nerds but they are damn freaky. They post uncensored raw content that you may not find on any other platform. These freaky lads like to team up with other hot sex freaks and best gay couples on OnlyFans to create additional sexual content. So you are guaranteed to always have explosive and exciting exclusives when you subscribe to their gay couple OnlyFans

Price – $9.99 per month 

Tyler Saint – International Best OnlyFans Gay Couple 

Tyler Saint is a superstar slut with an international reputation and numerous awards in porn content. He created this gay couple OnlyFans to share exclusive sex diaries of him and his husband, Ace Banner. When you talk about sex in the rough, you should think about these gorgeous, muscular, and sexy hunks. They share their local sex life from a hay field in Mississippi. However, they go to other locations often to spice up their sex life. Once you subscribe to their gay couple OnlyFans, you’d have access to professional shots, behind-the-scenes naked views, and romantic dates.

Price – $12.99 per month

NorthWestChavs – Horny Manchester Chavs 

These Manchester chavs have been together for over three years and are open to letting you in their fun and explosive sex life. Are you horny? Northwestchavs will make you come with their hot cumshots, crazy scenes, and live sex shows. You’d get access to hundreds of freaky pictures and hard-core videos. In addition to that, you can watch the solo play as you play with your cock. NorthWestChavs also cater to various kinds of kinks and fetishes. Subscribe to this horny Manchester chavs gay couple OnlyFans to start having immense sexual pleasure.

Price- $10 per month

Asap – Pretty gay boys

Asap is a gay couple OnlyFans that reveals the private and hot sexual escapades of Angelo and his handsome boyfriend, Asap. With more than 744 horny posts, it is no wonder that this gay OnlyFans couple account has managed to gather over 60k likes. You’ll get exclusive pictures and videos of Anthonio banging his boyfriend’s tight little ass. Make sure to check out if their bubble butt is as pretty as their face. You can also check how tight Asap is when you subscribe to the private content of this best gay couple OnlyFans

Price- $11.99 per month

Nick and Ant – Cute OnlyFans Gay Couple

Nick and Ant are in love and in lust. They drive each other and their fans crazy with their hot phat cocks. While they suck and fuck, they make sure that you’re ecstatic with pleasure as you watch them while jerking off. And you know the amazing thing? You get all these cute videos for free! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and subscribe to this cute gay couple OnlyFans account.

Alex&Luc – Inclusive OnlyFans gay couple from Canada

These gay boys love to fuck dirty and hard. Their unbridled sex videos have a wide range of sexual exploits including hot hand jobs, sloppy blowjobs, extreme fetish, public nudity, car fun, and full-blown car fuck. You might want to get your lube ready as you click on these naughty guys’ page. They are experts in thirst traps and teasing. Subscribe to this OnlyFans gay couple account to watch sexy Alex rail Luc hard with his thick cock and cum all over his bubble butt.

Price- $15 per month

Svinx – Twink gay couples

Both guys have well-toned sexy bodies with big cocks and bubble butts, which make them a delight to watch. These twinks have a happy, active, and fun sexual lifestyle. They have no shame in ravaging their bodies both indoors and outdoors. Svinx’s kinky ass has earned them a spot on the list of best gay couples on OnlyFans to follow. 

Price – $14.99

Siciliano porco – Hot Pornstars in Sicily

With a combination of big cock and fat ass, this OnlyFans gay couple is a menace in bed. Marco is always horny and engages in hot dripping fucks with his partner at any time possible. On this gay couple OnlyFans page, you’ll find hot amateur porn, daddy and twink videos, sex with sugar daddies, and fetish videos.

Price- $6/month

Henry&Matteo – Horny Young Boys

What better way is there to relish sex than while traveling and in different locations around the world? These amateur naughty gay boys, Henry & Matteo are always pushing sexual boundaries and ever ready to please their subscribers. Check out their gay couple OnlyFans to get freaky content in all ways possible. 

Price – $11.99/month 

Leo&Max – Monogamous OnlyFans Gay Couple

Would you like to subscribe to real love and passion? Then Leo&Max gay couple OnlyFans account is for you. They’re a real monogamous couple that has been together for over 3 years. While Leo is 6’2″, Max is a 5’10” tattooed sexy man. They’re both vers and have a versatile love life. This sex-hungry couple closes off our list of best gay OnlyFans couples. See below their subscription fee.

Price- $12/month


Gay couples on OnlyFans are the new big deal! You can’t go wrong with them as you’re sure to get constant wanking materials. From solo play to role play, to BDSM, to fetish, and kinky sex, you’re on a ride to fervent and frequent cumming. If you’d like to watch gay couples fucking their bubble butts hard, then we recommend you visit all of these best gay couples on OnlyFans. Trust the Lust deals to always come through for your sexual desires!