FunWithFeet vs FeetFinder: Which One is Safe to Buy Feet Pics?

Foot fetishism is a popular and lucrative niche in the adult industry.  It is actually more common than you might think. It’s estimated to touch up to 20% of the population, and yet it’s still considered taboo in many circles. However, the internet has made it easier for people with foot fetishes to connect with each other and share their interests. The internet has enabled foot fetishists to find like-minded individuals and buy content from foot models.

As a result, multiple platforms for the same have sprung up. Two of the most well-known platforms for selling foot content are FeetFinder and FunWithFeet. Both platforms offer a way for foot models to monetize their content, but which one is better? In this blog post, we will compare FeetFinder and FunWithFeet to help you decide which platform to use.

Dive right in for your quest to witness the FeetFinder vs FunWithFeet race!

What is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is an online platform that connects individuals who have a foot fetish with content creators who specialize in creating foot-related content. It provides a secure and safe space for individuals to purchase feet pics and videos from creators who have been verified by the platform. It provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for individuals to browse and purchase foot-related content. The platform allows users to search for content creators by location, gender, and other criteria, making it easy for users to find the type of content they are interested in.

How Does FeetFinder work?

FeetFinder is a reputable platform that provides a safe and secure space for individuals. Its emphasis on privacy, security, and ethical content creation has made it a popular choice among those who have a foot fetish. But it is not merely the case, there are several other things the platform is good at. Below is a list of a few things that made FeetFinder popular among users:

  • The platform has become increasingly popular due to its emphasis on ensuring the privacy and safety of its users. 
  • The platform takes steps to ensure that all content creators are legitimate and have undergone a rigorous verification process to protect buyers from scams or frauds. 
  • This process includes verifying the creators’ identification, location, and payment information. 
  • Moreover, FeetFinder has implemented strict policies against any illegal or non-consensual activities on its platform, ensuring that all transactions and content creation are conducted ethically and legally. 
  • This emphasis on ethical content creation has made FeetFinder a popular choice for individuals who want to explore their foot fetish without violating any ethical or legal boundaries.

While FeetFinder boasts a large user base, it also has a lot of competition, making it harder for new models to stand out. However, it does have a large user base, which means you have a high potential to make more money if you can stand out from the crowd.

What is FunWithFeet?

FunWithFeet is an online platform that brings together people who share a love for feet. The website features a range of content, including photos and videos of feet, discussions about foot fetishes, and tips for foot care. Members can create profiles, interact with each other through private messaging and forums, and share their own photos and videos. The platform is free to join, but members can also upgrade to a paid membership for additional features and benefits.

One of the things that make FunWithFeet stand out is its focus on creating a safe and welcoming environment for feet lovers. The platform has strict guidelines for content, and moderators are active in enforcing these rules. As a result, members can feel comfortable sharing their interests and engaging with others without fear of judgment or harassment.

How Does FunWithFeet Work?

For many people with foot fetishes, FunWithFeet is a place to explore their interests and connect with others who share their passion. 

  • The platform offers a range of tools and resources to help members learn more about foot fetishes and explore their desires in a safe and consensual way. 
  • From discussion forums to online events and meetups, FunWithFeet provides a range of opportunities for members to connect and engage with others.
  • FunWithFeet also offers a range of educational resources for members who want to learn more about foot care and health. The platform features articles and videos on topics such as pedicures, foot massages, and foot exercises, as well as tips for maintaining healthy feet.

Whether you’re a foot fetishist or just someone who wants to take better care of your feet, FunWithFeet has something to offer. FunWithFeet is a positive and supportive community for foot lovers. The platform offers a range of features and resources to help members explore their interests, connect with others, and learn more about foot care and health. Whether you’re new to foot fetishism or a seasoned enthusiast, FunWithFeet is a platform worth checking out.

You can also check out these best foot fetish websites to know more about platforms involved with feet pics selling businesses. Keep reading ahead to determine the conclusions to FunWIthFeet vs FeetFinder discussions. 

What Are the Main Differences Between FeetFinder & FunWithFeet?

Both the platforms have detailed and laid out procedures for functioning. Different features focus on different aspects that the platforms individually cater to. The fundamental difference between FeetFinder and FunWithFeet lies in their focus. 

FeetFinder is primarily a marketplace for foot content, where users can buy and sell custom content. On the other hand, FunWithFeet is more of a social platform that caters to the community aspect of foot fetishism. While both platforms offer a space for foot fetishists to connect, they cater to different needs and interests. 

FeetFinder is ideal for those who are interested in purchasing or selling high-quality foot content, while FunWithFeet is ideal for those who are looking to connect with others who share their interests and engage in discussions.

Area FeetFinder FunWithFeet
Main Focus Excellent marketplace for feet related content with ensured safety Safe and non-judgmental environment for foot lovers
Payments Both sellers and buyers paying a fee to access the platform’s features Subscription platform that emphasizes community building and education
Model of Operation Straightforward, providing a platform for people to explore their foot fetishism with willing models in a safe and controlled environment Complex, providing education and related aspects alongside selling 
Mode Platform is transactional and focused on individual exchanges between buyers and models alongside active subscriptions Offers subscription based platform services in alignment to individual seller services 
Community  Supports a like minded foot fetish community Discussion forums to online events and meetups
Content Individual specific niche feet content, primarily photos and videos  Articles and videos on topics such as pedicures, foot massages, and foot exercises
Experience Transactional Experience Learning Experience
Fundamentals Primarily a platform for buying and selling foot-related content Community for foot enthusiasts to connect with each other and share their interests


Another difference between the two platforms is their user base. FeetFinder has a more exclusive user base, with a focus on professional foot models and serious buyers. It even foretells guides such as how much to charge for feet pics or how to sell feet pics on instagram, etc. On the other hand, FunWithFeet has a more diverse user base, with a mix of amateur foot models, enthusiasts, and professionals. This makes FunWithFeet a more inclusive platform that caters to a wider range of interests and needs. Yet, if you are interested in making money by selling feet pics online, FeetFinder will be your go-to. After all, it actually caters to both buyers and sellers in the business.  

FeetFinder Vs FunWithFeet: Ways to Make Money

While both sites cater to the same kink, they differ in many aspects, including pricing. The major aspects of differences between both platforms are listed below. 

FeetFinder FunWithFeet
Sales Allows models to sell photos, videos, and even live streams of their feet Offers a variety of ways for models to monetize their content, including selling photo sets and videos
Commissions The platform takes a 10% commission on all sales, but models can set their own prices Takes a 20% commission on all sales, but models can set their own prices
Subscriptions Offers a premium subscription service that allows models to charge more for their content and access exclusive features Platform also offers a subscription service for fans to access exclusive content, with models earning a percentage of the subscription fee
User Base for sales Large user base smaller user base than FeetFinder
Payments Authorized payment options No authorization over payments
Platform Easy and navigable  Complex structure 

FunWithFeet vs. FeetFinder: Subscription Fees Compared


One of the significant advantages of FeetFinder is its lower subscription fee compared to FunWithFeet. FeetFinder offers two types of subscriptions: a free basic membership and a premium membership. The basic membership allows users to browse profiles, send messages, and use basic search filters. On the other hand, the premium membership offers additional features such as advanced search filters, unlimited messaging, and priority support. The premium membership costs $14.99 per month, which is significantly lower than FunWithFeet’s subscription fee.


Unlike FeetFinder, FunWithFeet does not offer a free basic membership. Instead, users can sign up for a three-day trial, after which they will need to subscribe to continue using the platform. FunWithFeet offers two types of subscriptions: a standard subscription and a premium subscription. The standard subscription costs $29.95 per month and offers basic features such as profile creation, search filters, and messaging. The premium subscription, on the other hand, costs $34.95 per month and offers additional features such as advanced search filters, unlimited messaging, and access to niche groups.

When it comes to choosing a site, pricing plays a significant role in the decision-making process. While both FeetFinder and FunWithFeet offer unique features and benefits, FeetFinder’s lower subscription fee is better considering other factors such as user base, safety measures, and user experience.

Benefits to Sellers on FeetFinder vs FunWithFeet 

If you’re a seller in the foot fetish community, you may be wondering which platform is best for you: FeetFinder vs FunWithFeet. Both sites have their pros and cons, but, we’re going to focus on the benefits of using FeetFinder over FunWithFeet as a seller.




Greater Exposure to Buyers Larger user base, greater exposure to potential buyers, more likely to be seen by interested buyers, resulting in more sales and higher earnings. Smaller user base, and fewer potential buyers, a challenge for sellers to get their content and services seen by the right people, which can limit their earnings potential.
Increased Earnings Doesn’t take a cut of your earnings, offers multiple ways to earn money, including custom content requests, live sessions, and subscription services Takes a percentage of your earnings, doesn’t offer as many ways to earn money, which can limit your earning potential.
Stronger Community Support Strong community support, staff and moderators are responsive and helpful, and the community itself is friendly and welcoming, access to a supportive network of fellow foot fetish enthusiasts who can offer advice, feedback, and encouragement to help you grow your business. Doesn’t have as strong of a community, the community isn’t as tight-knit or supportive. This can make it more challenging for sellers to get the feedback and support they need to improve and grow their businesses.


While both FeetFinder and FunWithFeet have their advantages, FeetFinder offers a number of benefits to sellers that make it a more attractive platform for those looking to grow their foot-fetish business. From greater exposure to buyers and increased earnings to a supportive community, FeetFinder is the clear choice for sellers in the foot fetish community. You can also know more about your questions like “Is selling feet pics dangerous?”

However, it’s important to note that choosing the right platform ultimately comes down to your individual needs and preferences as a seller.

Which is more profitable, FeetFinder or FunWithFeet?


FeetFinder charges a 10% fee on all transactions, and the minimum amount that a seller can charge for a picture or video is $5. With an average of 1000 transactions per day, FeetFinder generates revenue of $5000 per day, which amounts to $1.8 million per year.


Unlike FeetFinder, FunWithFeet does not charge a fee on transactions. Instead, the website generates revenue through advertisements and sponsored content. With an average of 50,000 visitors per day, FunWithFeet generates revenue of $1000 per day through advertisements and an additional $500 per day through sponsored content, amounting to a total of $547,500 per year.

Comparing FeetFinder and FunWithFeet, we can see that, in terms of revenue, FeetFinder is more profitable. Despite charging a 10% fee on transactions, the website generates higher revenue than FunWithFeet. However, it is worth noting that FunWithFeet generates its revenue through advertisements and sponsored content, which allows the website to offer free content to its users. In conclusion, while FeetFinder is more profitable, FunWithFeet offers an alternative business model that is sustainable and allows for the provision of free content.

FeetFinder Vs FunWithFeet: Which is Better?

When it comes to choosing between FeetFinder and FunWithFeet, it ultimately depends on the business model that you want to pursue. If you are looking for a website where you can buy and sell foot-related content, FeetFinder is the better option as it generates more revenue due to the charging of fees. However, if you are looking to create a website that offers free foot-related content and generates revenue through advertising, then FunWithFeet is a more sustainable business model.

It is also worth considering that the foot fetish industry is still considered taboo by many people, and there is a risk of facing backlash from society. Therefore, it is important to approach this industry with caution and to ensure that all content is consensual and legal.

Benefits and Drawbacks: FeetFinder vs FunWithFeet

In the FunWithFeet vs FeetFinder game, FeetFinder has the advantage of generating more revenue due to the charging of fees. This means that for those who are looking to make money by selling foot-related content, FeetFinder is the better option. Additionally, FeetFinder offers a secure and anonymous platform for buyers and sellers, which can increase trust and lead to more transactions. However, the downside of FeetFinder is that it charges fees, which can make it less attractive to buyers and sellers.

On the other hand, FunWithFeet’s advantage is that it offers free content to its users. This makes it more attractive to those who are looking for foot-related content but do not want to pay for it. Additionally, FunWithFeet generates revenue through advertising and sponsored content, which allows for a sustainable business model without charging fees. However, the downside of FunWithFeet is that it generates less revenue compared to FeetFinder.


While both platforms offer a space for foot fetishists to connect, they differ in fundamental ways. FeetFinder is primarily a marketplace for foot content, while FunWithFeet is a community-driven platform that caters to the social aspect of foot fetishism. Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms depends on the user’s specific interests and needs. 

If you want to reach a larger audience and are willing to compete with more models, FeetFinder is the best platform out there. If you’re just starting out and want to join a smaller, more supportive community, FeetFinder is still a great option.

Hence, in our analysis, FeetFinder wins the FeetFinder vs FunWithFeet race!

Frequently Asked Questions Related to FunWithFeet vs FeetFinder

1. Which is Better: FeetFinder vs FunWithFeet?

So far, in accordance with the above blog and the points discussed in it, Feetinder has emerged victorious and proved to be better than FunWithFeet. For detailed analysis, you can simply go through the blog once.

2. FunWithFeet vs FeetFinder: Where Can I Earn More Money? 

It is definite that you can make more money from FeetFinder as it curtails better revenue and a wider user base in comparison to FunWithFeetfinder.