Foot Fetish Therapy: What is it & How to Get One?

Thanks to this generation of modernization and their welcoming mindset we have therapy as a solution for any inconvenience be it physical or mental. Now one might ask what exactly “therapy” in the term Foot Fetish Therapy means. Counselling or psychotherapy are additional names for therapy. 

All of this involves the person(who is seeking therapy) attending regular meetings with the therapist where the person talks about their feelings, thoughts and behaviours which they feel might be problematic or bothersome. Then the therapist helps the person to overcome their fears and resolve their so-called problematic behaviours and thoughts. 

Some people sell foot pictures to foot fetishists. FeetFinder is known to be one of the most famous sites to sell or buy feet pictures online. 

But now the question arises here if the thoughts, feelings and behaviours are even problematic. If the person even needs foot worship therapy? You can check out these few accounts on FeetFinder that are known for selling pretty feet content.

In this blog, we will emphasize on the topic of Foot Fetish Therapy. 

What Do You Mean By Feet Fetish?

One must know that liking feet doesn’t mean that the person has a feet fetish. Many people admire feet but that necessarily doesn’t mean that they have feet fetish. 

Foot fetishism is also termed podophilia. It is the term for being sexually interested in feet.

In easy terms, when someone feels sexually aroused or satisfied from foot activities or foot play that’s when they have a feet fetish. There are many different categories of feet that fetishists enjoy, like clean pedicured feet, just naked bare feet, cummy soles, painted toes, or even dirty feet.

All You Need To Know About Feet Fetishism

Studies show that 47% of people who have body part fetishes have feet fetish. 

Back in human history, people used to consider sexual fetishism as taboo. If anyone openly declared to be sexually attracted to feet, people would shame them and in medieval Europe, they might also be punished. People with feet fetish were considered mentally ill.

  • Thanks to the fast-evolving generation, now only a handful of people consider foot fetish as taboo. 
  • The reason is rooted in the fact that these days people are more open about their sexual fantasies and experiment with different things without the fear of judgment. 
  • Now, the entire idea of foot fetishism is not considered to be a mental issue or something that might lead to mental repercussions. 
  • But an extreme obsession or addiction to anything is not healthy. The same goes for feet fetishism.
  • It can majorly affect a person’s life when it reaches its extreme. In such situations, the solution would be to seek foot fetish therapy. And that is exactly what this blog will focus on and will help people who are unaware of it. 

There are a bunch of people who sell foot pictures online without knowing the possible consequences. Such people must as well seek professional help or enquire about it. One must know all the pros and cons of selling foot pictures online before starting to sell pictures for foot fetishists. 

What Causes Foot Fetish?

Some theories also suggest that a foot fetishist might have been exposed to feet fetish materials or any feet-related activities or materials from a very young age, which might have resulted in them developing a feet fetish over time.

However, all these theories and studies are not based on any hard scientific facts. No one exactly knows the causes of foot fetishism. People simply take it as any other reason for someone’s sexual satisfaction or arousal.

  • Sexual Dominance  

Over 50% of adults admit that they’re turned on by the idea of being dominated. Losing all control and giving yourself up to someone else can be exhilarating. Couples engage in a kind of power play as a result of the dynamic of submission and dominance. One partner may enjoy worshipping the other’s feet or being used as a footstool. 

This obsession with dominance can occasionally take the form of a desire for humiliation. The feet are frequently viewed as “below” by some people when it comes to foot fetishes. The lowest part of your body is, after all, your feet. By worshipping this lower extremity, some people feel belittled, which for some, is a major turn-on.

Some foot lovers enjoy being lightly kicked or pushed around by their partner’s foot. Even feet pictures of stomping and other humiliating behaviours exist.

  • Biological Cause

Some scientists think that people’s development of foot fetishes has a biological basis. Despite how scientific this may seem, your feet are covered in hundreds of delicate nerve endings that just feel fantastic. They produce strong reactions and sensations when caressed, tickled, and otherwise handled. Some persons may prefer to have their feet massaged or otherwise stimulated over any other area of their body. Therefore, it only makes sense to indulge in your passion for feet if it feels nice.

Quick Way To Know If You Have Feet Fetish

How to know if you are just curious or you’re actually a foot fetishist? You can enjoy trying and exploring different ways of foreplay or sexual activities that involve the participation of feet but does that necessarily make you a foot fetishist? 

When you are talking to someone do you keep looking at their feet more than their face? Does the idea of including feet in any activity excite you? When someone is showing or talking about their feet does it get hard for you to concentrate? If you’re watching a movie do you keep looking at the character’s feet?

If the answer to all of the above questions is ‘YES’ then there’s no doubt that you have a foot fetish.  If the answer to any of the questions above was ‘NO’ then you are not a foot fetishist. Then it might be that you simply love trying and incorporating new things in your sexual activities. 

It is a wrong belief that a person who is not a foot fetishist can never notice or admire feet in general. Some people tend to compliment someone else’s feet that doesn’t make them a foot fetishist. 

Other Ways To Know If You Are A Feet Fetishist?

Foot fetishists seem to care or show interest in anything related to feet. They might care a lot about the dimensions or features of someone’s feet. They would usually be very invested in discussions revolving around the shape and size and features of someone’s foot, toes, heels and many other things that someone would normally not think about other than foot fetishists.

Another and the simplest way to know would be observing if you are being aroused when thinking or getting involved in activities like touching your feet or tickling, massaging, kissing, or sucking your or someone else’s feet.

A foot fetishist would always be aware of their fetish and feel a sexual urge, every single time they see any feet be it beautiful or dirty that depends on the preferences of the foot fetishist. If you are someone who adores ugly feet you must surely check out these accounts that sell ugly feet pictures.

It rarely happens that a foot fetishist is not aware of their foot fetish. Yet, if you feel confused you can always seek help and talk to someone professional or someone who has already experienced this and is a foot fetishist.

Signs You Might Have A Foot Fetish

If your fun and normal attraction to feet has turned into something more serious and is affecting you in your everyday life then you might have developed the foot fetish disorder and you might need foot fetish therapy.

Here are a few symptoms listed below that:

  1. When you feel an intense sexual drive or urge from non-living objects. Observe the pattern and check if it lasts for a short time. If it lasts for more than six months you must check on it by seeking foot fetish therapy or any professional.
  2. If you are feeling shameful and are being stressed out due to your sexual arousal 
  3. If you notice a diminished capacity for social, vocational, and emotional function
  4. Your obsessions and fetishes don’t just pertain to apparel items like socks, stockings, and shoes.
  5. Your interests and fetish items aren’t just restricted to sex toys like vibrators and dildos or other objects used for sexual gratification.

One must know that it’s humanly normal for adults to have a sexual urge due to non-sexual body parts or random objects from time to time. But if you develop a constant dependence on feet for sexual pleasure or satisfaction and feel the constant need to incorporate it into your sexual activities and do not feel content if the latter is not done then you might need foot fetish therapy and get a consultation checkup done immediately.

Can Foot Fetishism Be Harmful?

Everything starts as fun and games until someone gets injured or emotionally hurt. Unknowingly you might start something for fun or an experiment but end up in some serious situations. To avoid that and be self aware we have listed down some things to keep in mind before indulging in these activities.

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Some STIs are spread via genital touch, whereas others are spread through skin-to-skin contact. You may be at risk for one of these STIs if you love having someone’s foot rubbed against your genitalia. Through skin-to-skin contact, the human papillomavirus and both vaginal and oral herpes can be transmitted. You can spread syphilis orally if either you or your partner have open sores. When exploring your foot fetish, always be safe.

  • Skin Infections

Skin infections are a potential side effect of engaging in repeated foot stimulation or any skin-to-skin contact. Impetigo and molluscum contagiosum are the two skin conditions to watch out for. Athlete’s foot and other fungi diseases are widespread and spread via contaminated skin or even shoes worn by an affected person. People who are interested in foot fetishes, such as oral play, massaging, and shoe fetishes, should seriously consider this as a serious concern.

  • Cuts and Scrapes

Anyone who is particularly drawn to toes, toenails, or pedicures should take note of this safety advice. Without adequate maintenance, toenails can contain bacteria and dirt in addition to being sharp and harmful. These toes can get you infected and make you sick if you put them in your mouth. Make sure your partner’s toenails are kept short and clean if you prefer having your genitals stimulated by feet. These places have exceptionally delicate skin that can be easily prone to scrapes and wounds.

  • Getting scammed online

Selling feet pictures might as well not sound like a dangerous thing but the internet has its weirdest way of bringing the worst out of people. One must sell the pictures anonymously and define their boundaries clearly. It is tough to protect yourself from scammers, and for that, you must know how to not get scammed by such people. You must also be careful of the background and other subjects in your picture and if needed blur them. Other than that avoid linking such accounts to your other personal accounts and make sure to use a VPN. One must be very careful before deciding to open any foot picture-selling account as it might lead to unexpected consequences. The internet can be very dangerous hence one should know strategies to avoid any troubles.

Psychological Facts On Foot Fetishism

According to Psychologists, foot fetishes relate to early childhood experiences in which sexual responses are typically associated with non-sexual objects. 

Furthermore, usually, the feet are the first area of the parent’s body to be touched by the toddler and vice versa. A broader interpretation of this fetish would be that sexual attraction to anything is considerably stronger when the object of your desire is scarce.

If you think about it, when you meet someone for the first time you tend to first notice their eyes, their smile or even their outfit but you will rarely tend to see their feet. 

However, developing a fetish doesn’t affect an individual physically or mentally. 

What Do You Mean By Foot Fetish Therapy?

Foot fetish might seem like a very harmless thing but sometimes things can go out of your control and escalate to a very unwanted situation because of you not being able to control your sexual urge. It might as well get quite difficult for you in your everyday life. 

For example, you might be working at a pedicure or foot massage place and you get aroused when you are simply doing your job. Another example might be you selling foot pictures online without knowing if it’s even legal for you to do so. Or you are just talking to your friend’s partner and their feet are barely helping you to concentrate or control yourself. There will be a handful of situations where you might mess up.

In general, having a foot fetish is alright but not when it’s too much. If your foot fetish is helping you to be more creative and sensual with your romantic or sexual partner then that’s great for you. But if it gets challenging for you in your everyday life and stresses you out, then it is advised to seek help or therapy to deal with it.

How Does Foot Fetish Therapy Work or Help?

Seeking Foot Fetish Therapy( also known as Foot Worship Therapy) would help and teach you to work on your unhealthy behaviours and patterns associated with your foot obsession. It mainly involves you learning how to control yourself in crucial situations. It’s great to look for a sex therapist who specializes in paraphilias. 

  • It is very important for the therapist to be non-judgmental to help you recover in a much easier and healthier way. The therapist must be skilled and experienced enough to identify the factors that are responsible for your unhealthy obsession for feet. 
  • On seeking foot fetish therapy you will learn to control and work on your urges and unsuitable behaviors that are disturbing your everyday work in everyday life. 
  • You may as well suggest your partner to join you for foot fetish therapy if your unhealthy obsession with foot is affecting your romantic relationship in a negative way. 
  • The stages for the therapist to understand your patterns will include them to know when your foot fetish started, what symptoms made you realize that and what makes you think that it is getting unhealthy and if it is increasing day by day. 
  • After going through the required number of therapy sessions and exercises of mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy, you will soon reach the stage where you will be able to control your thoughts, change the negative patterns and build a healthier relationship with yourself and your romantic or sexual partner. 

But that doesn’t mean or include you not having a feet fetish anymore. It simply means bringing small adjustments and doing daily exercises to improve the quality of your lifestyle and reduce distress. It’s all about enjoying your foot fetish in a much healthier way.

Foot worship therapy is also available online if you do not prefer revealing your identity through the process.


Not everyone who has a foot fetish needs to try Foot Fetish Therapy. You don’t necessarily need therapy just because you want to massage your partner’s feet, look at pictures of feet, or have your genitals stimulated by their feet. In that case do visit FeetFinder and sign up for interesting feet content.

But if any of these actions are stressing you out or affecting your relationship or daily life, it might be time to make a change. Foot Fetish Therapy can assist you in better understanding of your fetish and finding healthy methods to explore and express it. Lookup for places online or offline for Foot Worship Therapy and consult a professional for better help. 

FAQs Related to Foot Fetish Therapy

  • How can I get rid of my feet fetish for women?

If it is affecting you and your daily lifestyle, you must try Foot Worship Therapy. Consulting with a professional would really help.

  • Can Feet Fetish be medically harmful?

Yes. If the desired activities are being done in a very unhygienic manner then it might lead to Sexually Transmitted Infections or other infections as well. Hence one must be very careful and follow hygienic methods to perform their sexual activities.

  • How to know if I have Feet Fetish?

If you feel an intense, uncontrollable sexual drive or urge from non-living objects, especially feet then you might have feet fetish.