Feetify vs FeetFinder: Which Foot Fetish Platform is Right for You?

If you’re a feet lover or a foot fetish enthusiast looking for a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, you may have come across Feetify and FeetFinder. Both platforms offer a range of features and services catering to the foot fetish community. These buying and selling feet pic sites offer features like chat rooms, private messaging, and video chat, all tailored to help you find feet lovers to sell feet content to. But with so many options out there, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

That’s where we come in! In this blog, we’re going to dive into the similarities and differences between Feetify and FeetFinder, so you can make an informed decision. We’ll start with an overview of each platform, highlighting the key features and benefits. Then, we’ll compare them side by side, looking at the various factors involved.

By the end of this comparison, you’ll have a much better sense of which platform is the best fit for your selling of feet content. So, let’s get started on our ride to FeetFinder vs Feetify!

FeetFinder vs Feetify: Overview

What is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is a platform that provides a unique space for individuals with a foot fetish to connect and express themselves without fear of judgment or discrimination. The site has gained popularity since its launch and offers features that cater to the foot fetish community, such as the ability to search for users based on their foot size or specific foot-related interests.

FeetFinder provides a welcoming and inclusive community for individuals who are passionate about feet. It is a great platform for sellers to sell feet-related content for good prices.

Users are encouraged to express themselves and connect with others who share similar interests. The site offers a space where individuals can explore their interests and connect with others who understand their passion for feet. It features various genres related to feet content. The platform offers a safe and secure space for individuals to connect and share their passion for feet. 

FeetFinder also features as an excellent marketplace to buy feet pics and videos for feet lovers. You can easily earn money by buying and selling beautiful feet photos on the platform and making it a side hustle.

What is Feetify?

Feetify is a comprehensive online platform that caters exclusively to the needs of foot fetishists. The platform offers a wide range of features aimed at bringing like-minded individuals together. Users can engage with each other and explore their interests in a safe and secure environment.

In addition to these features, Feetify also allows users to create and join groups based on specific interests. This makes it easier for users to find other members who share their preferences and engage in meaningful conversations with them. Whether you are interested in buying and selling feet pics, feet worship, toe sucking or any other aspect of foot fetishism, Feetify has got you covered.

One of the unique features of Feetify is its user-friendly interface. The platform is designed to be easy to use and navigate, even for those who are not tech-savvy. With its intuitive layout and clear instructions, Feetify makes it easy for sellers to get started and find what they are looking for. You can easily earn cash rewards by selling feet photos on Feetify and make some side income.

FeetFinder vs Feetify: Pros & Cons

Both platforms in question come with a certain set of pros and cons, each designated to the quality and quantity of content and money earning potential. Here is a list of the pros and cons of FeetFinder vs Feetify.

Pros of Feetify 

  1. Large community: Feetify has a large community of users, which increases the amount of content the platform holds.
  2. Good earning potential: Yet, selling pictures and videos of feet on Feetify, sellers can make it a good side hustle. The platform offers fairly average earning potential through sales. 
  3. Memberships: The platform offers attractive memberships to choose from. The wide variety consists of annual, quarterly, monthly and one-time subscriptions. 
  4. Accepts cryptocurrency: Feetify accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method, which can be convenient for some users.
  5. Exclusive content selling: A premium membership option with exclusive perks can also be availed with the platform.
  6. Easy connection building: The ability to create and join groups based on specific interests is easy and thus community formation becomes accessible. 

Cons of Feetify:

  1. Not a suitable option for everyone: Feetify is only suitable for individuals who are okay with the idea of putting in extra effort for selling pictures and videos of feet online.
  2. Limited payment options: Feetify primarily accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method, which may not be convenient for all users. The available options are not very secure.
  3. Less popular than some other sites: Feetify has a smaller user base compared to some other similar websites, which may limit earning potential for sellers.
  4. Lack of regulation: As with many online marketplaces, there is a risk of fraud or scams on Feetify due to the lack of regulation and oversight.

Pros of FeetFinder:

  1. Easy to use platform: FeetFinder is a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate.
  2. High earning potential: Some users are able to make a significant income by selling pictures and videos of their feet on FeetFinder.
  3. Anonymity: Users can maintain their anonymity while selling pictures and videos of their feet.
  4. Large user base: FeetFinder has a large community of users, which increases the chances of making sales.
  5. Quality features to access: Range of features to connect with other members
  6. Trustworthiness: Verified program to increase trust among members.

Cons of FeetFinder:

  1. Safe and reliable platform: FeetFinder is very safe and does not improvise frauds or scams, if you are looking to cheat someone of their money or access things for free, it might not be for you. 

FeetFinder vs Feetify: Basic Comparison

1. Feetify vs FeetFinder: Which Has A Wider User Base?

Feetify is a newer platform that has been gaining popularity among foot fetish enthusiasts. While it may not have a well-established user base like FeetFinder, it offers features such as messaging, video chat, and a forum for users to connect with each other.

On the other hand, FeetFinder is a more established platform that has been around for a longer time and has a more significant user base. The site offers similar features to Feetify, including messaging, live streaming, and the ability to create a profile and connect with other users.

Ultimately, the wider user base would depend on various factors such as the popularity of the site, the quality of its features, and the site’s ability to attract and retain users. Once that is determined, you can easily leverage this by start selling feet content and promoting it on social media. 

As mentioned earlier, FeetFinder has a larger user base compared to Feetify. This means there are more members to connect with and a greater chance of finding someone with similar interests. Start selling your feet pics today on FeetFinder.

2. FeetFinder vs Feetify: Comparing the Costs of Selling Foot Content

Both the platforms come in with huge opportunities of making money or even starting to sell feet pics as a side hustle. But which one lets you earn more? 

a) How Much Does FeetFinder Charge?

FeetFinder offers both free and paid membership options. Free members have access to basic features such as creating a profile, browsing profiles and sending a limited number of messages. However, access to more advanced features such as guides on how much to charge for feet content, private galleries, live streaming, and unlimited messaging requires a paid membership.

Membership Charges:

The cost of a paid membership may vary depending on the duration of the subscription. FeetFinder offers a monthly subscription option as well as longer-term options such as quarterly or yearly subscriptions. Some users have reported that the cost of a monthly subscription is around $19.99, with discounts available for longer-term subscriptions.

Sales Commissions:

FeetFinder takes a 10% cut on every sale made on its website, meaning that sellers keep 90% of the value of the picture or video sold. For example, if a user sells a picture for $20, they will receive $18 after FeetFinder’s 10% fee is deducted from the sale.

It is important to note that apart from this 10% fee, FeetFinder does not charge any other hidden fees or commissions. Additionally, it does not cost anything to join the site or to create a profile. FeetFinder users are free to set their own prices for their content, and it is up to the buyers whether they agree to pay that price or not.

Overall, FeetFinder’s 10% fee is a reasonable price for using the platform, considering it allows users to reach a large and specific audience. It is essential to remember that the platform promotes buying and selling pictures and videos of feet, and is only suitable for individuals comfortable with the associated risks and potential negatives.

b) How Much Does Feetify Charge?

Sellers on Feetify can offer various foot-related products and services, including but not limited to, foot photos, videos, custom videos, socks, and shoes. If you’re a seller on Feetify, it’s essential to know the fees associated with selling on the platform.

Sales Commissions:

Feetify operates on a commission-based fee structure for sellers. Sellers are charged a 20% commission on each sale they make on the platform. This means that if you sell an item for $100, Feetify will deduct $20 as a commission fee, and you will receive $80.

In addition to the commission fee, Feetify also charges payment processing fees. The payment processing fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. This fee is charged by the payment processor and is not retained by Feetify. For example, if you make a sale for $100, the payment processing fee would be $3.20 ($2.90 + $0.30).

Once a seller has made a sale on Feetify, the funds are held in their account until they request a payout. Feetify offers two payout options for sellers, including PayPal and direct deposit. It is important to note that a payout request must be a minimum of $50, and a processing fee of $3 is charged for each payout request.

Membership Charges:

Feetify offers a free membership option that allows users to create a profile, browse profiles of other users, and send a limited number of messages. To access the more advanced features of Feetify, users will need to upgrade to a paid membership. The cost of a paid membership varies depending on the duration of the subscription. Feetify offers several options for paid membership, including monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions.

The cost of a monthly subscription to Feetify is around $24.99. For users who want a longer-term commitment, Feetify offers a quarterly subscription option. The cost of a quarterly subscription is around $49.99. The cost of a yearly subscription is around $99.99. This subscription provides users with all the advanced features of the site and offers a significant discount over the monthly subscription.

3. Which Offers Better Safety & Security: FeetFinder vs Feetify

When it comes to online platforms that cater to foot fetish enthusiasts, safety and security are crucial considerations. FeetFinder and Feetify are two popular platforms in this niche, each with its own set of safety and security measures in place. Here is a comparison between the safety measures of both platforms. 

a) FeetFinder Safety and Security

FeetFinder has several safety and security measures in place to ensure a safe and secure experience for its users. The site employs a verification process for all new members, requiring them to provide a valid phone number and photo ID to confirm their identity. This verification process helps to prevent fake profiles and bots from infiltrating the platform.

FeetFinder also has a reporting system in place for users to report any inappropriate behavior or activity. The site’s team reviews all reports and takes appropriate action, including banning offending users from the platform.

In addition, FeetFinder uses SSL encryption to protect user data and ensure that all transactions are secure. The site also does not share user data with third parties.

b) Feetify Safety and Security

Feetify also takes safety and security seriously and has several measures in place to protect its users. Like FeetFinder, Feetify employs a verification process for new members, requiring them to provide a valid phone number to confirm their identity. This verification process helps to prevent fake profiles and bots from infiltrating the platform. 

Which Platform Is More Secure and Reliable?

Both FeetFinder and Feetify have robust safety and security measures in place to protect their users. Both platforms require a verification process for new members, have a reporting system in place for inappropriate behavior, use SSL encryption to protect user data, and do not share user data with third parties.

However, FeetFinder’s verification process requires a photo ID, which may be a more secure method of verifying a user’s identity. FeetFinder also has a more extensive user base, which can provide an added layer of security through community monitoring. It also offers guides on general feet pics selling related issues such as, is selling feet pics dangerous?

Ultimately, both platforms are safe and secure for users to explore their foot fetish desires. The choice between FeetFinder and Feetify will likely come down to personal preference and which platform better suits the individual’s needs and preferences. In our analysis, FeetFinder is a better choice in terms of security and reliability when it comes to selling feet pictures or videos. 


Both the platforms are equally capable of selling foot pics, however, in this comparison of Feetify vs FeetFinder, FeetFinder seems to take an edge on multiple things. You can easily sell feet pictures without being worried about the risk of getting scammed or losing money. It is a very safe and reliable platform with an immense user base making it an apt market for feet pics and videos. Hence, in our analysis, the final leap is offered to FeetFinder in the FeetFinder vs Feetify race!

FAQs Related to FeetFinder vs Feetify

1. Which is better: Feetify vs FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is better than Feetify as it is a widely trusted platform with an immense user base that focuses on selling feet photos and videos whereas Feetify is much newer, has fewer people, and is focused more on content rather than selling.  

2. FeetFinder vs Feetify: Where can I make more money?

With FeetFinder, you can make more money as it charges less cut over your earnings in comparison to Feetify. You can also set up subscription services for it and make more money. 

3. Which Platform Charges More: FeetFinder vs Feetify?

Feetify charges 20% for every sale and has expensive subscription options for you. FeetFinder is better and charges less from its sellers.