20 Best Cuckold OnlyFans Accounts to Follow

As sexual beings, humans are constantly discovering new and exciting ways to explore their sexuality, and cuckolding is one of these ways. Cuckolding is closely tied to BDSM, femdom, submission, and even humiliation. It is the hot wife lifestyle -a kink in which you get turned on by watching your partner have sex with other people. Wild, exciting, and intriguing, if we may say.

The good news is that models on OnlyFans are exploring this kink in the dirtiest and nastiest ways to satisfy your darkest fantasies. So if you have a fetish for cuckolds and have been searching for the best cuckolding OnlyFans girls to follow, your search has come to an end because this article is just for you. In this article, we present to you the best cuckold OnlyFans accounts for you to follow and subscribe to ensure you get a premium OnlyFans cuckold experience. 

20 Top Cuckold Profiles on OnlyFans of 2023

1. The Mary Burke– Best Hotwife Cuckold  OnlyFans

With this MILF next door, your OnlyFans cuckolding fantasy can become a reality. This hotwife is a cuckold and SPH specialist who takes care of all her boys. You get to enjoy 25+ minutes of free videos and full nudes when you subscribe to her OnlyFans account. She also responds to all DMs but tips get the most attention. 

She enjoys creating content on JOI, CEI, Roleplay, FemDom, and whatsoever you need. Currently, she has about 6.7k pictures and 1.2k videos on her page for you to feast your eyes on. Mary Burke runs a top cuckold OnlyFans and she wants you to show your support so she can help your fantasy become a reality. Connect with Mary Burke now. 

Price: $9.99

2. Lexi Zielinska – Shy Amateur Cuckold OnlyFans 

Lexi Zielinska from Essex is one Innocent and shy-looking OnlyFans cuckold wife but I bet you, she isn’t so innocent and shy. With her amateur content, she will take you through a journey of fulfilling your wild cuckold fantasies and make you cum back for more. Her amateur cuckold OnlyFans is one of the best out there. 

Lexi Zielinska is very active on OnlyFans, making about 10 posts daily and replying to every DM.  She enjoys sexting a lot so all your nasty messages will be replied to. You need to check out why about 567k people like her. 

Price: $3.75

3. Sofie Gostosa– Addictive Top  Cuckold OnlyFans 

If you have been searching for addictive cuckold OnlyFans accounts, search no more. Sofie Gotosa is the one for you. This half Filipina, half Latino teen will have you hooked on her cuckold OnlyFans. Having the juiciest bum on OnlyFans, her body will leave your balls drained.  With 452 likes, 1.1k pictures, and 165 videos, you should know she is top-tier. Sofie offers threesomes,  custom videos, solos, uncensored photos, and videos. If you want to know more about her, then go follow her now. 

Price: $3.75

4. Jade of spades– Hottest OnlyFans Cuckold Wife

Jade of spades is one of the hottest OnlyFans cuckold wife. She is offering free sex tape when you subscribe for three months. Little wonder, 283.9k like her. You also get to enjoy amateur content on role play, cream pie, humiliation, multiple cocks, and dick rating. She charges 50 dollars per 20 mins for sexting but I assure you that it is worth every penny. So what are you still waiting for? Connect with her now. 

Price: $3.75

5. Chastity FLR –  Best BBC Cuckold OnlyFans 

Chastity FLR is rated the number one interracial cuckold  OnlyFans. This  21 years hot wife enjoys taking the BBC and wants you to watch her do so. With over 908 pictures and  72 videos, you cannot get over her OnlyFans cuckold BBC content. You will get access to solo content, customs content, squirting videos, and sexy voice notes when you follow. Chastity is waiting for you. See her profile.

Price: $3

6. Goddess Lola– Tattooed British Brat OnlyFans Cuckold 

This tattooed British batt is always online to satisfy your urges. She is a sadist domme who enjoys foot, femdom, taboo kinks, key-holding, and humiliation. She’s good at getting into men’s heads so if that’s your kink, she’s your girl. Looking for cuckold OnlyFans free? She’s Offering 12 months of free cuckold OnlyFans. So go get the 1.5k pictures and 908 videos she has published just for your satisfaction. Don’t keep Goddess Lola waiting or she will punish you. 

Price:  Free

7. Chloe Rose–  Most irresistible Interracial Cuckold OnlyFans 

Chloe Rose is one OnlyFans BBC cuckold you cannot resist. With new content every day, this BBC-loving milf will not only leave you turned on, but she will also satisfy your desires. You will also get to enjoy  3.1 pictures and 902 videos of cuckold OnlyFans porn,  domination, weekly life show, Hot wife lifestyle, video chats, dick rate, and girlfriend experience. If you like what you read here, you should visit Chloe rose to enjoy interracial Cuckold OnlyFans content. 

Price: $3.50

8. Livingdollleigh – Sluttiest Cuckold on OnlyFans  

This is your favorite little slut cuckold on OnlyFans. She enjoys twerking naked and fulfilling all fetishes. So whatever your fetish is, be rest assured that the dirty talk queen will fulfill it. With about 1.2k posts, you get to enjoy content on domination, submission, and humiliation. This dirty little slut also hosts free live shows featuring other slutty pornstars for your pleasure.  Want to know more? Then you need to follow her.

Price: $14.99

9. Emma Green – Wildest OnlyFans Cuckolds

This model is a submissive slut who enjoys cuckolding, femdom, findom, feet worship, JOI, and SPH. She has the wildest OnlyFans cuckold videos and she can be whatever you want her to be.  Emma Green is very interactive so she responds to all DMs. She particularly enjoys sexting. If you are a tit lover, you will find Emma Green incredibly sexy with her 36F natural tits. Enjoy 697 pictures and 158 videos when you subscribe. Aren’t you curious, go ahead and find out what you have been missing? Follow now. 

Price: $3.49

10. Lord Maria- FemDom OnlyFans  Wife Cuckold 

Lord  Maria is a top 0.5% content creator globally. She is a Lifestyle domme with above 1k femdom pictures and videos.  She enjoys Pegging, humiliation, teasing,  denial, and domesticating. Want to experience lord goddess Maria in her OnlyFans wife cuckold action? Then you need to visit

Price : $17.99

11. Misssummerjane  – Most Interactive Cuckold on OnlyFans 

Miss summer Jane’s OnlyFans account is probably the most fun and interactive cuckold OnlyFan. With 176k likes, 10k pictures, and 1.6k videos, you can tell how interactive and active she is. She makes content on sissy,  trans, chastity, femdom, pegging, strapping, interracial, blonde cross-dressing, BBC, and foot fetish. Won’t you want to follow her now? She is waiting for you to come and join her in all her wild adventures.

Price: $3.48

12. Gwen Adora–  Thickest Hotwife Cuckold OnlyFans 

If you love your women thick, you will love Gwen Adora who is a big milky GF. She is a Femdom who loves role-play content, audio sexting, and dickrating. Her body is so hot, she loves to flaunt it. Most of her 2.5k pictures and  509 videos are nudes. Go take a look at her.      

Price: $6.99

13. Lola Tessa-  Best Asian Cuckold OnlyFans 

Have you been looking for the best OnlyFans cuckold from Asia? Lola Tessa is the cutest and most adorable little Asian girl with big tits. She enjoys socializing and interacting with her fans so your messages will get a warm response. Apart from the sizzling already posted 2.9k pictures and 334 videos on her page, you will also get to enjoy tons of solo, anal, B/G, G/G, and custom-made content when you subscribe

Price: $3

14. Lady Fatale –  Most Versatile Cuckold OnlyFans

You can also call her the destroyer of men. We cannot make the list of the best Cuckold on OnlyFans without mentioning Lady Fatale. She is a whole package of cuckold experience. She is a Femdom with 7 dommes and 2 slave girls, she has all it takes to make you submissive. Enjoy live web stream, double domme domination, cuckold, foot, fucking machine, milking machine, strap on, pegging, and squirting contents when you follow her. She loves sissy tasks, slave training, key holding, BDSM, and fetish clips. Discover new fantasies when you follow her.

Price: $3.50

15. Mouchette  – Petite Cuckold Wife OnlyFans

This petite kinky bi college student loves big cocks and dominating her cuckold boyfriend. You will cum when you talk to her because of her sonorous and sexy voice.  You will also enjoy hours of PPV hardcore videos,  daily videos,  role play, SPH, dick rates, and key holding. Quit the search for OnlyFans cuckolds, this is your destination. 

This hot wife mistress has 200 videos and 237 for you. Little mouchette is waiting for you to drop by. 

Price: $7.50

16. Adreena Cuckoldress – Sexiest British Cuckold OnlyFans

Adreena caters to only the posh, British, and black. So if you are any of those, be ready for a  full experience including foot fetish, custom videos, JOI, twerking, daily pictures and videos, and 24/7 DM reply. Watch her fuck  alpha males while she teases you till you burst a shitload of cum. While she fucks alpha males, she pegs betas for your satisfaction. If you have been searching for cuckold cleanup OnlyFans, Adreena offers  POV cream pie and clean-ups. Her body is like a goddess, you will agree to that when you check her 2.9k pictures and  997 videos when you follow her. 

Price: $4

17. Evil kitten – Wildest Cuckold on OnlyFans

This Wild femdom from Barcelona is the next on our list. Felonatrix is an exhibitionist who is naughty to the core. She enjoys playing domme and at the same time an innocent kitten. She also enjoys anal play, fetish content,  pet play, chastity, and cuckold. On her page, you will enjoy explicit real lifestyle daily content, 1.4K already posted pictures and 356 videos. You are in for unlimited pleasure when you follow Evil kitten

Price: $13.77

18. Jenxxxandy – Real Hotwife Cuckold OnlyFans 

Real hot wife Jen likes to fuck other men because her husband likes to share her. He thinks she’s the most beautiful woman in the world and she is. She is absolutely gorgeous. With over 1.5k pictures and  864 videos, we can attest to that. She enjoys squirting, dogging, interracial BBC cuckold threesomes, latex leather dress-up, dildo, and a lot more on her cuckold wife OnlyFans. Follow to enjoy her cuckold couples OnlyFans.

Price: $6.99

19. Jaylene  – Craziest OnlyFans Cuckold Couple  

Jaylene is a 27 years super hotwife from California who is too hot to be ignored. When you subscribe to her cuckold couple OnlyFans, you will get over 60 full-length porn at no extra cost or extra tips. Looking for cuckold  OnlyFans porn or OnlyFans cuckold couples? You will get videos of Jaylene seducing and fucking pizza guys. Looking for cuckolding couple OnlyFans, you will find Jaylene fucking her hubby with 2 other BBC. She also has 100 videos and 246 pictures on her account for your pleasure. 

Price: $11.99

20. Naughty hot housewife – Naughty Cuckold Hotwife OnlyFans  

With 1.6k pictures and  368 videos of real experiences, naughty hot housewife wants you to cum. She has been told that she has a big booty for BBC so if you are looking for the best BBC cuckold OnlyFans, you have found a naughty hot housewife. She loves deep-throating naughty guys and huge facials. If you are also searching for gay cuckold OnlyFans, you will get live actions on her live group sex, outdoor sex clubs, public flashing, full uncensored homemade real videos, and sexting audio clips. Visit now 

Price: $55.39

Final Thoughts:  

We have shared the 20 top best cuckold OnlyFans girls to follow. In this article, you will find different models with diversities, their fetishes, what they can offer you and of course their monthly subscription fee. We made recommendations based on top liked cuckold OnlyFans accounts, OnlyFans cuckold Reddit and best cuckold OnlyFans accounts.

Take your time to make your selection based on your preferences and then go ahead and fulfill your cuckold fantasies. It is an experience you will love to have over and over again on OnlyFans.