Best Black Gay OnlyFans Accounts to Subscribe Right Now

If you have been searching for the top 20 gay black OnlyFans accounts to subscribe to, this article is for you. OnlyFans is undoubtedly a platform with models of all kinds. Over the years, this platform could boast different models from different races, beliefs, sexuality, and skin color. OnlyFans is the best platform for these models, such as lesbian, femboy, gay, and even gay couples and more, to showcase what they are capable of without the fear of being judged or trolled as regards their sexuality. On Lust Deals, you can find all these models and different races listed and described for easy access to their accounts. Any interested subscriber would find themselves enthralled by the variety of available content.  

Many models have achieved and are continuing to thrive on the fame that they have gotten from the OnlyFans platform. We have come up with the top 20 black gay OnlyFans accounts you won’t regret subscribing to. Sit back and relish the hot and seductive top 20 black gay OnlyFans accounts to follow.

20 Top Black Gay OnlyFans to Follow

1. Andreas Private – Best Black Gay OnlyFans

The first gay black OnlyFans is this hot stud from Italy. He is undoubtedly one of the hottest best black gay only and a fitness model and bodybuilder. He is that hot guy who would instantly make anyone’s eyes light up. He is tall and gorgeous. He is among the top homosexual black gay OnlyFans. Even the ladies can’t resist him, so sometimes he could be straight. Andreas is into intimate adventures and loves to post all his content raw. He posts sexually explicit content of images and videos. He is fetish-friendly and ready to explore all kinks to intensify the mood. To subscribe to his OnlyFans account, reach out to his OnlyFans as Andreas Private.

Price – $4.50

2. Jay Alexander – Interracial Best Black Gay OnlyFans

The second gay black OnlyFans is Jay Alexander, an OnlyFans pornstar. He is known for being a powerful Vers like he claims. His performances usually revolve around solo and gay content, including masturbation, close-up, dildo, ass fingering for solo and kissing, blowjob, bareback, anal, creampie, rimming, facial, and cum eating for gay content. He has played in positions including top safe sex, bare top back, bottom safe sex, and top creampie. Lastly, his specialty is deep throat and interracial content. To watch this macho man in action, reach him here, Jay Alexander.

Price – $9.99

3. Diego Barros – Brazillian Cock Best Black Gay OnlyFans

If you are interested in a heavily built top gay black OnlyFans who would provide content with every bit of nastiness and realness, then you have to go for Diego Barros. His account is that account you should check for absolute nudity, long-length videos, daily posts and interaction, striptease, role play, and more. If this OnlyFans gay meets your fantasies, you should subscribe and get ready to see his fat and veiny hot cock.

Price – $15

4. Amadeus –  Dark skin Gay Black OnlyFans

As a lover of dark skin black OnlyFans mixed with sensuality, this model here is the best you can ask for. If you want to access exclusive gay content, Amadeus will give you all for a friendly price.  This OnlyFans model is one of the hottest black gays. When you sign up on his OnlyFans, you can access his daily posts and more.  Follow his OnlyFans for a start.

Price – $9.99

5. Ominotauro –  Most Sensual Gay Black Porn OnlyFans

If you like your boys hot and sexy, you should enjoy these naughty OnlyFans with all the fun fetishes and sexuality. He claims to be pleasurable; you can find this out when you subscribe. He is a black gay OnlyFans with a bent up and crooked 22cm cock. Sex, for him, has to be accurate. Realness for him means it has to come with lots of lovely kisses and a footprint with naughty affection. To access the most intimate and sexual scene, subscribe to Ominotauro.

Price – $12.99

6. Trip Richards – Transgender Black Gay OnlyFans

Ever got a kink for transgender? If you have fantasized about having one in your corner, Trip Richard is that guy you need. He is one of the best black gay OnlyFans transgender. He is a multi-award-winning performer. On his page, you would have access to daily explicit and exclusive photos and videos. As soon as you subscribe, look forward to two sex scenes weekly,  with other OnlyFans models being starred. Models such as Mr. Bolden, Steele, Thicke, Adam Russo, and others. You would also access steamy masturbation scenes, naughty pictures, toy fun content, candid behind-the-scenes, and many more. To visit this OnlyFans hunk, reach him here.

Price – $12.50

7. Ben Dudman  – Most Popular Top Gay Black OnlyFans

This OnlyFans gay black pornstar is a popular fitness model with a hot and fit body. If you like hot guys, then you should like Ben. He flaunts his hot-looking body in his boxer, which reveals the shape and thickness of his enormous cock. He posts content weekly so his subscribers can feed their eyes with stimulating content. This black gay OnlyFans is worth every penny. To subscribe, reach him on Ben Duduman.

Price – $9.74

8. Jake XL – Sweetest Black Gay OnlyFans

Jake is a black gay OnlyFans with a sweet well-sculpted figure. He has a sexy and nice cock. He only sends nude content privately to his subscribers’ DM if he gets tips. When you subscribe to his OnlyFans, be ready for hot content from this OnlyFans model.

Price – $5.34

9. AbrahamshehellcoTop Black Gay OnlyFans

He is a Mexican Black gay OnlyFans with the best dick you cannot resist. He is so confident in his sexual games and capability. This is the kind of man you need. He does the best rimming and fucking. He has a 21cm cock, and he handles it so well. To subscribe to his OnlyFans, he is Abrahamshehellco. Just a trial will convince you that there is no other person who would fuck like him.

Price – $12

10. Jason Luv – Exclusive Black Gay OnlyFans

Jason is a Miami-based gay black OnlyFans adult content celebrity. He has a dark, attractive appearance that a lover of a dark man would surely get obsessed with. Jason Luv, who is well renowned for his interracial scenes in BLACKED, he is heavily built and extremely good in this fuck game. He has tattoos beautifying his hot dark skin. He shares fitness videos and pictures of himself without a shirt on anywhere else but on OnlyFans; he shares seductive nudes and sex scenes, For subscribers to watch and relish. Subscribe to his OnlyFans here

Price – $9.75

11. Kyle Fox – Sexy Eyed Black Gay OnlyFans

Kyle Fox is an English teacher exploring and sharing his exhibitionist side. He is an OnlyFans black gay with sexy eyes and body. If you join his OnlyFans page, you will have access to BB amateur gay sex video content, sexy photos from Kyle’s erotic photo shoots, one on one sex scenes, threesomes, orgies, solo videos, and sex behind the scene trailers. To relish all this content, subscribe to his OnlyFans, Kyle Fox.

Price – $5

12. Rob Piper – Most Passionate Best Black Gay OnlyFans Porn

If you would be willing to subscribe for an honest and passionate sex scene, you should follow these black gay OnlyFans. He has lots of unique content you can lust on, on his account Including; BG, BBG, BBGG, and GGB, along with rimming, sloppy BJ, oral/pussy eating, epic adventures, creampies, name it, you would get it.

Price – Free

13. Teddy Bear – Top Hairy Black OnlyFans Gay

You must have been wondering why a guy would be called a teddy bear; well, teddy here is a hairy OnlyFans who claims he has never shaved and trimmed anything and is proud to be fuzzy. If you love your men hairy, you should look no further; this Black OnlyFans gay is still the top hairy OnlyFans gay. If you subscribe to his OnlyFans, be ready for full sex videos weekly, furry fucking adventures, plus verbal solo videos throughout the week. To become a brother bear, subscribe to Teddy bear and trust him to fulfill all your dirty desires.

Price – $7.49

 14. Hayden Monteleone – Most Charming Gay Black Porn OnlyFans

Do You know what Hayden Monteleone is here to offer? Lots of ass and big dick all over your face. That sounds sweet, right? It would be great if you had Hayden in your space. He is a sex freak you can’t let go of any time soon. He is addictive. He blesses your screen with the best sex scene and cum videos. Whenever you are interested in custom videos, you can also reach out to him. He is a charming and intimate guy with another sweet in the middle you can’t resist. He has over 826 postings on his OnlyFans account. You have a lot to drool over on his page. This black gay OnlyFans has charmed both genders to the point that they all want to have a thirst. Take your chances, and subscribe to his OnlyFans Hayden Monteleone.

Price – $19.95

15. Jakub Stefan – Hottest Top Gay Black OnlyFans

Jakub Stefan is a hot sight to behold. He is cute and has a sexy body build. Who wouldn’t want this best black gay OnlyFans? He posts raw explicit content and daily updates, and he is fetish-friendly and fun. You can follow this handsome OnlyFans on Jakub Stefan for premium content.

Price – $9.99

16. Jayden Rembacher – Biggest Cock Gay Black OnlyFans

It’s always sweet to watch the big dick guys, but have you ever thought of being fucked by a gay black OnlyFans? Jayden Rembacher here is a black gay OnlyFans that wouldn’t share the next hole he gets to fuck. He is pretty adaptable because he fucks gays or gets fucked by a gay, depending on the preferences of their audience. Jayden is an OnlyFans model with an attractive physique and a massive dick that anyone would lust over. He offers both B/B and B/G content for sale privately. Cum in here and get the dick in your sweet hole; you could moan all you want.

Price – $3.48

17. Dwayne Mckell – Most Handsome Best Black Gay OnlyFans 

If you are the type who loves good men so badly, then you must end up subscribing to more than one gay black porn Onlyfans account. These black guys are handsome and built; you can’t stop at one stare. Dwayne McKell is one of the top gay Black OnlyFans. He is asking that you follow him to see why people are not leaving so soon. He is a whole meal. Follow him here

Price – $5

18. Rico Strong xxx – Double Penetration Best Black Gay OnlyFans

Rick is a well-known adult film content creator. On his OnlyFans, you will find unique content, home videos, and private encounters, both professional and personal content. In 2012 this black gay OnlyFans was nominated for AVN’s Best Double Penetration Sex Scene. In 2012, he was nominated for Best Group Sex Scene, and in 2010 he was nominated for Best Performer of the Year. Rick is one of the best OnlyFans gay pornstars and is well known for cervix-crushing scenes. Subscribe and enjoy every bit of his deep penetration scenes.

Price – Free

19. Diego Sans – Most Versatile Professional Top Black Gay OnlyFans

Diego Sans is a top gay black OnlyFans who has scaled incredible heights in the adult entertainment industry, and till now, he is still working hard. He is a Brazilian stud whose creations can be found on pretty much major pornographic websites you can think of, and of course, he’s taken advantage of the chance to increase his earnings, thus creating an account on Onlyfans. He has starred in different scenes involving the upcoming and others to promote their content too. You can’t go wrong with this black gay OnlyFans; he is not a newbie in the fuck game; you should expect nothing but professionalism.

Price – $10

20. Druny Williams – Fitness Gay Black OnlyFans

Last but not least gay black porn OnlyFans. He is Druny Williams, a fitness dark, huge and handsome black OnlyFans. On OnlyFans, this gorgeous boy uploads premium and creative sexual content you won’t find anywhere else, not even a leaked video of him. His stuff primarily contains gay content because he is bisexual. Subscribe to the Madrid-based gay black porn OnlyFans here and watch him do all that you have desired.

Price – $11


Having to practice bisexuality is complicated because of how the world perceives it, but these hotties have worked tirelessly to produce the best content for you, the subscribers. So that you can enjoy and make your dirty thoughts come to life, we have chosen the top 20 black gay OnlyFans accounts in this article. Do not be surprised if you end up following most of the listed models. Your meal is here, sit back and consume every bit of it without missing a line.