20 Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts to Follow [Top Male OnlyFans Gay ]

Since the LGBTQ+ community is now accepted by most of the world, people do not have to live in the closet. Many people have declared their sexuality and some are yet to do it. This article mainly focuses on the 20 Best Gay OnlyFans models. These models flaunt their sexuality just like their bodies and that’s why their content is very much enjoyable regardless of your sexual orientation. 

Since you have clicked on this article, you might want to know who these top 20 most popular gay OnlyFans models are. That’s why let’s not waste any more time. Let’s get started with the list. 

The Best Gay OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

1. LeoBest Gay OnlyFans Model

With the most amount of likes on his profile, Leo tops the list of best gay OnlyFans. This heavenly boy comes on OnlyFans with his 4K Quality videos. With a lot of detail, comes a lot of hotness. As his content is exclusively Bisexual, it mostly includes Gay content. From nudes to explicit videos of Dildo fucking, Leo offers so much. If you want to know how generous he is, just renew his subscription and message him, ‘Renewed’. Doing this will get you a free video next month. We encourage you to take a look at his OnlyFans profile and you will realize that this is the best gay OnlyFans account on this list. 

Price- $15.99

2. Jayden RembacherHottest Gay OnlyFans Content

The next on the list is an Australian guy with a lot of cravings for dick. This bottom gay guy claims to be a big dick slut. Jayden is especially interested in being at the ‘Bottom’ in gay intercourse. Like many others on this list, he also makes B/G content sometimes. While you subscribe to this hottest gay OnlyFans account, you can privately buy extra B/G, B/B, and Deepthroat/BJ content from him. Nudes, Solo Play, and JOI Videos, that’s all you can see on his OnlyFans profile. However, this naughty slut makes this limited content so much hotter than other gay models. With this much desire for sex and cravings for dick, Jayden Rembacher is surely one of the best gay OnlyFans accounts

Price- $3.48

3. TomTomPicsTop Gay OnlyFans

With more than 2k posts and 600k+ likes, tomtompics lies third on this list of top gay OnlyFans models. Primarily being a porn artist, this sexy gay model has turned to OnlyFans to reach more of his fans while earning more. So having a porn career and OnlyFans popularity at the same time is not much of a stretch. Tomtompics is a very down-to-earth guy with a lot of love for making explicit content that many people will enjoy. This hot gay OnlyFans ginger lad has a lot of gay content with a lot of guys in it. If you love private content which is exclusive to you, tomtompics shares such extra content in his DMs. With most of the content being public on his OnlyFans account, you might want to see his interactive and private content which he shares in his DM. 

Price- $5.95

4. Monster Twink – Big Dick Gay OnlyFans

As his name suggests, this monster is a twink who loves to have some bisexual action. Being 18+, this gay dude meets up with other lads to have some gay fun and then posts the videos and photos on his OnlyFans account. This pretty boi has gained nearly 100k fans and more than 550k+ likes on his OnlyFans profile. With all that action, he surely deserves to be in this spot on the list of best gay OnlyFans models. He even likes to have public sexual intercourse as some guys get turned on by that. With a big dick and tight butt, this guy surely engages in one of the hottest gay OnlyFans actions on the platform. If you love big dick gays, Monster Twink is the perfect choice for you.

Price- FREE

5. Lucas HallMost Popular Gay OnlyFans

This 20-year-old gay OnlyFans model is very famous for his interactive content. He replies to all the DMs and personalized content. If you love to have exclusive content and want Lucas to be the one to provide you, he will. He makes personalized content for his subscribers and even sends personalized voice messages that his fans love so much. Apart from that, he has so much versatile content on his wall. This top gay OnlyFans account has content like full-length sex tapes, ass play with toys and fingers, foot fetish, verbal content, and so much more. With this much versatility, Lucas is one of the most popular gay OnlyFans accounts.

Price- $9.59

6. Carloseffort – Completely Gay OnlyFans Account

This Instagram model on OnlyFans shares his darkest and most explicit images on his OnlyFans account. By not being able to share his gay explicit content on Instagram, he chose OnlyFans to showcase his sexy and explicit content. This sexy gay dude engages in both top and bottom roles when it comes to gay content. His profile is one of the best gay OnlyFans profiles due to it having exclusively gay content. Whether it’s fucking someone or getting fucked, Carlos does it perfectly. Even his threesomes only include boys. There is no bisexual action here, it’s all gay!

Price- $5

7. Yeti – Gay Monster

Like his name, he is a monster on OnlyFans and in real life. This french hunk surprisingly loves gay action and posts it on his OnlyFans account. Whoever believes that gay guys are feminine looking, should take a look at this hunk. This top gay OnlyFans model is very much motivated in maintaining his fitness. Somewhat being a fitness freak, Yeti has an amazing body that many people will crush over. This verse gay guy surely gained a lot of popularity on OnlyFans with his top-tier gay action and some amazing nudes. Subscribe to this sexy french lad to find out more – Yeti.

Price- $4

8. Funkdaddy – Very Explicit Hottest Gay OnlyFans Profile

The next on the list is Funk Daddy. This twink with great fitness, does post a lot of explicit content that cannot be shared anywhere else. One of the most famous gay OnlyFans accounts, funkdaddy has more than 330k likes on his 2000 posts. That includes nudes, videos, and so much more. He posts regularly and frequently, that’s why people love him so much. If you love JO videos, butt pics, dick pics, and similar content, visit funkdaddy to enjoy similar content. 

Price- $5

9. Leon Bay – Cutest Top Gay OnlyFans

This eye candy is surely one of the top gay OnlyFans accounts. With no private pics, Leon Bay makes sure that every bit of his gay content is shared on his wall. You don’t need extra effort for hotter content. You will find all his content already posted on his OnlyFans profile. With a lot of sexy images on his profile, this cute boi has managed to gain more than 300k likes. Along with his collection of 1.1k images, the 304 videos posted on his wall have helped Leon Bay a lot to be one of the best gay OnlyFans accounts on the internet.

Price- $7.49

10. James YalchBest Gay OnlyFans Pornstar

Being only on OnlyFans is not enough to satisfy your quench for sex. That’s why James is an OnlyFans creator with a lot of involvement in the porn industry and he even has a fansly account. With a lot of explicit content posted on his wall, James has managed to be one of the top creators on the OnlyFans platform and so he deserves to be on this list of hot gay OnlyFans accounts. With a lot of sexually intense videos and explicit images, James gained more than 280k likes on his OnlyFans profile. That’s why we recommend that you pay a visit to – James Yalch.

Price- $3.50

11. LadyjakubowskyHottest Gay OnlyFans Nudes

Artistic nudes that are so erotic, sensual, and sexy that they will heat you to high degrees. That’s what you are getting on this hottest gay OnlyFans account. If you like such nudes, you must follow Ladyjakubowsky on OnlyFans. There are more than 1k of these images which can really turn you on. Most important of all is that you can JO to these images and their supply isn’t ending anytime soon. This hot polish model surely can’t share these images on his Instagram and that’s why he posts them on OnlyFans. The 41 videos posted on his OnlyFans also add up to the sexiness of this top gay OnlyFans account.

Price- $9.99

12. Twinkstan – Gay OnlyFans Twink

People often need support when it comes to such a category on OnlyFans. Without public support, it is very difficult to rise to the top in the gay OnlyFans accounts category. Twinkstan needs more support to make sexier content. He has already posted more than 700 explicit images and 60 sexy videos. Although he is not into the porn industry, his videos surely contain some juicy stuff that his gay viewers will enjoy. If you want o show your support to this hot twink, then subscribe to – Twinkstan.

Price- $7.99

13. AbrahamshehellcoBest Gay OnlyFans Top

This hunk top is very much in love with twink booties. A love for big booties has dragged him into the world of gay fuck holes which he absolutely loves now. A lot of explicit content is shared on his OnlyFans profile. He is not a gay verse boy, he is a gay top. He claims to be the best in fucking asses. With the collection of best rimming, fucking, and sensual videos, Abrahamshehellco has managed to gain more than 235k likes. To give out numbers, he has posted more than 1700 videos on this OnlyFans wall. However, he has only posted 999 pictures over there. So if you love video content more than just images, subscribe to Abrahamshehellco.

Price- $12

14. Hotmuscles6t9 – Most Muscular Gay OnlyFans

Do you love watching muscular guys with a dick in their hands? Do you love watching some hunk jerk off with you? Or you like to JO to some hot muscular guy? No matter if you are into all three of them too. You will find similar content on the Hotmuscles6t9 OnlyFans profile. Being one of the hot gay OnlyFans accounts is tough. Although that’s the case, this hunk of a guy has managed to book a spot on this list of best gay OnlyFans models that you must follow now. With a lot of images and videos showing off his muscles and jerking off, this page is very gay-friendly. You might wanna hop on to this page, subscribe to him, and start jerking off to this muscular show-off. 

Price- $5

15. GuysnetHot Gay OnlyFans Accounts From Instagram

This OnlyFans account features the best gay OnlyFans models from Instagram. OnlyFans blog itself rated it to be the best OnlyFans page for gay guys. A bit more than 1.9k images posted on its wall and nearly 4.5k videos that contain explicit sensual content, really amp up the levels of hotness on this page. Such hot content deserves to be on the list of best gay OnlyFans profiles as it has been rated as the best page for gays. There is no denial of that because it features various gay kinks and fetishes. May it be hunks, twinks, athletes, femboys, etc. Guysnet features all of it. It has content like solo, B/G, B/B, and cuckold too which really feeds to the fetish-loveing audience. If you want to find out what’s your favorite gay fetish or category, you should follow this hottest gay OnlyFans account – Guysnet.

Price- $3.50

16. Andreas PrivateBest Gay OnlyFans for Interaction

This Italian gay dude is posting some very explicit images and videos on his OnlyFans. If you love raw sexual videos, then Andreas is the guy for you. Claiming to be very sensual, the pictures that Andreas clicks very much support his claim. He loves interaction so you can chat 1-1 in his DMs. He has this unique thing of playing daily nudity games. This really involves subscribers and makes his bonding with them even stronger. Andres is very fetish friendly and so you might love his OnlyFans account. So why not visit Andreas to find out more about him?

Price- $5.99

17. Jaden Big – Underrated Gay OnlyFans

One of the underrated gay OnlyFans accounts, Jaden Big has a lot to present. With a lot of explicit content posted on his wall, Jaden has managed to gain more than 219k likes. Everything from Solo to not-solo is posted on his OnlyFans profile. This versatile guy is fond of being both top and bottom in gay intercourse. His content includes dick picks, booty pics, and cumming videos. If you love versatility, Jaden Big is the best gay Onlyfans account for you.

Price- $9.99

18. Freeboygym – Gym Freak Gay OnlyFans

This free account is very rewarding to some extent. If you don’t want to spend on gay OnlyFans accounts, then this is the right account for you. This hunk posts a lot of explicit content that cannot be shared anywhere else. 586 explicit images and 215 sensual videos have helped this profile to gain more than 215 likes. You can try the free OnlyFans page of this Spanish gay model, then if you like his content, you can move on to subscribing to his VIP page. For now, visit his free page – freeboygym.

Price- FREE

19. Rafa Martin – Sexy Gay OnlyFans Hunk

This sexy hunk is very famous on OnlyFans for the free gift that he gives to his subscribers. You just need to turn the Renew option on and then message him. His wall contains so much explicit imagery and videos that can surely turn you on. If you love gym freak gay guys who can rock your world, Rafa Martin is the guy for you. This Spanish guy loves to post regularly on his wall. His content is very naughty, explicit, and completely uncensored. He even accepts custom requests. That’s why you should subscribe to him and then enjoy his naked content on – Rafa Martin.

Price- $3.99 

20. Evanpeix – Most Versatile Gay OnlyFans

If you love a variety of content and a bunch of fetishes, then Evanpeix is the best gay OnlyFans for you. With a love for BBC, Evanpeix is surely the deserving candidate for this list of top 20- hot gay OnlyFans accounts. His fetishes include Foot fetish, BBC, Cumming, Anal Play, and so much more. He makes JOI videos, Blowjob, Deepthroat, and Fully nude content. From solo to threesomes, Evanpeix is truly versatile with his content. If you want to see this content posted daily, visit Evanpiex right now and subscribe for one of the hottest gay OnlyFans content.

Price- $5


Being Gay or Gay couple on OnlyFans is tough. Yet these sexy lads have managed to gain more followers than some of the sexy chicks that we have featured on our website. May you be Top or a Bottom, you will find your favorite gay OnlyFans account on this list. So make sure you read the complete article and decide who is the best gay OnlyFans model for you!