20 Top – Best Fansly Accounts to Follow [ Hottest OnlyFans Profile]

People across the world consume porn videos with premium subscriptions. If you are already buying a subscription on porn sites, why not engage that money to watch some exclusive action by your favorite model? In this article, we will give a detailed analysis of the best fansly accounts to follow

This is provided by platforms like OnlyFans. But if you have already tried OnlyFans and now you want to try something else, Fansly is a great alternative. Fansly, as a platform, is similar to OnlyFans. But it’s said to have more features than OnlyFans. 

It is observed that Fansly’s growth outruns OnlyFans’ growth. As it has gained more popularity within a short period of time. With a repeated record of more than 4000 sign-ups within an hour, we can surely say that Fansly has great potential to grow in the adult entertainment industry.

If this has convinced you to sign-up on Fansly, or maybe you already were using Fansly, we recommend you look at these top 20 Fansly models. These are the best fansly accounts to follow and almost all of them provide premium content. Looking for hot chicks on fansly with unique fetishes? Check out this account of the best fansly accounts to follow. We have provided 20 top Fansly accounts on the platform that can cater to your sexual needs. 

Best 20 Fansly Accounts to Follow

1. Luxlo

As the gaming industry has outgrown in many fields, adult entertainment is no exception. Stereotypically, gaming is for boys, but when a girl is on the server, players go crazy. The same is the case with Luxlo. This sexy gamer girl is a creator of Fansly and has risen to the top. With a love for Gaming and Cosplaying, Luxlo presents her sexually enchanting gaming action on her Fansly account

  • Monthly Price- FREE

2. Prettiest Pussy

Mila Mondell is a sexy model who also likes to be fuckdoll for men. While she is providing content on Fansly, she also allows vid chats with her. As most models like to connect with their followers, Mila is also the same. She performs solo, Girl-on-Girl, and Boy-on-Girl action on her Fansly account. She is a wild chick and you can check out the best fansly account by Mila by clicking here.

  • Monthly Price- $25

3. Kit

Nowadays almost everyone is well aware of their fetishes if they consume pornographic content. Many people have a fetish for goth girls, gamer girls, dominance, or submission. Feeding you with a similar fetish of submission, Kittyxkum is deeply in love with pet play. If you also like playing with pets and would like a petite girl to attend to your orders, Kit is the best fansly account for you. Kit loves wearing short outfits that expose most of the body and she would certainly love to connect with you on this account of hers.

Monthly Price- $12.6

4. CallieSkye

With a love for dressing up, CallieSkye is a perfect fansly model to cater to all your needs. She has a perfect body with big boobs, a small waist, fair skin, and a great desire for sex. If you are tired of looking at pictures of hot models on a bed, CallieSkye can copy and paste that hotness on walls. She likes clicking, bending over, leaning, and trying out all sorts of positions on the walls. Her nude content is sure to satisfy your eyes. Furthermore, her interest in cosplaying and lingerie dressing gets her on the list of top fansly accounts.

Monthly Price- $10

5. Susu

Being horny at work seems like kind of a stretch situation. But what if we tell you that you can look at this fansly model at work too. Susu is a fansly creator who has safe-for-work content on her fansly feed. While this does not sound appealing in a sexual way, her perfect figure makes it up for nudity. Her photos are completely clothed and yet arousing. Even if her content is SFW, her fans have given her massive support just like her huge tits, and helped her become one of the best fansly accounts. Check her out and you won’t regret it.

  • Monthly Price- $FREE

6. Calista Melissa

With a sexy body that no one can take their eyes off, Calista is one of the best fansly pages that people like. She likes toys, the adult toys she has are really amazing. While many girls are scared of it, Calista never turns away from good Anal sex. Almost all of her toys are large-sized dildos, including the infamous Bad Dragon. She also creates the content of Deepthroating, Fisiting, and Squirting. She also accepts custom requests for videos and she posts daily. If you are looking for some hot action with no limits, visit Calista’s Fansly account.

  • Monthly Price- $3.50

7. Hailey Hope

If the British accent turns you on, Hailey Hope is the best fansly account for you. She is a British girl who likes treating the audience with a great display of her sexy body. Although her body is tiny, she sure flaunts it a lot while being nude. While you subscribe to her account, she can be a cute deviant girlfriend that caters to your requests. Many fansly girls like to connect with their followers and Hailey sure loves it. She is into dirty talks, fantasy play, and much more that you can find out on her account.

  • Monthly Price- $3

8. Careful_i_bite

Having a fansly account is a tough job especially when you are alone. But Careful_i_bite is a fansly account that has a whole team behind it. While Annita is the face of the profile, she also has Emily, Sam, Eva, Molly, and Ken by her side and in her content. It’s the best fansly account if you are looking for some group action. Annita is also interested in cosplaying. So if you are looking for sexy cosplayers on fansly, careful_i_bite is one of the best fansly accounts for you. You can also suggest content ideas to Annita by clicking here and following her.

  • Monthly Price- $5

9. Alisa Pika Pika

If you are in love with bangs on a girl, Alisa Pika Pika is the best fansly account for you. While hot, sexy models have less taste for cuteness in their looks, many people across the globe have fantasies of cute girls. To fulfill their fantasies, Alisa tires on cute outfits and posts them on her fansly account. While she is the best fansly account in terms of cuteness, she doesn’t lack in hotness as well. She also is a gamer girl and loves being a naughty brat. If you like the sound of that, why not visit this account to melt by her cuteness. 

  • Monthly Price- $20

10. Taylor Jay

While sex toys for women are dildos and vibrators, men like to use fuckdolls. One such self-proclaimed fuckdoll is Taylor Jay. Although Fuckdolls are just objects, Taylor really has a fetish to be treated like one. A fuckdoll that does not complain about anything and has a perfect body. She also indulges in activities like Glory holes, Public Flashing, and sex parties. While so much else can be expected from Taylor Jay after you follow her. If you are into the kind of sex that Taylor would offer, she’s one of the best fansly pages for you. You can visit her account by clicking here.

  • Monthly Price- $4.99

11. KinkyKitten


If you are looking for a sexy experience that caters to all your requests, KinkyKitten is one of the best fansly accounts to follow. If your fantasies include a bisexual girl with big tits, you should really subscribe to KinkyKitten. She has various fetishes that she would like to share with you on 1 on 1 sex chat. If you are looking for an interactive experience with a lot of fetishes involved, KinkyKitten is the best fansly account out there. From stripping to wearing clothes in the most erotic way possible, she likes to capture all kinds of videos. She is a masochist who likes pain and finds it sexually arousing. So if you are looking for a submissive masochist hot chick who would take any request, follow KinkyKitten here.

  • Monthly Price- $10

12. Marie Bunny

Big boobs are never a letdown. With her huge honkers, Marie really bounced her way to the top fansly accounts list. She is the cute e-wifey that you can find on Fansly. Along with her massive tits, her thick thighs and big ass are the show stealers as well. While you have to pay to view her sexy side, the price is really worth the big boobs that she displays. Her cute innocent face really contrasts with her sexy body. So if you are a fan of huge honkers and thick thighs, visit Marie Bunny

  • Monthly Price- $11

13. PetiteAsianTreat

With the username of PetiteAsianTreat on Fansly, Annie is really a treat to people who are into Asian girls. While some would find the Asian race more arousing or maybe you are an Asian who is looking for some homeland action. Regardless, Annie loves dressing up attractive and getting nude sexy for her followers. That’s the content that she posts on her Fansly account. You can find this best fansly account for Asian lovers by clicking here.

  • Monthly Price- $4

14. Miya

Her love for fantasy games can be seen through her fansly account. While she provides different packages for customers to choose from, she has distributed them as per levels. While the free subscription is basic, she also has Level 1 and Level 25. Your level will decide which type of content you will receive. Her content includes basic soft nudes and all the explicit content and more as you reach level 25. This amazing journey of the woodland realm can be experienced on her account which is the best fansly account for adventurers. 

  • Monthly Price- $4.20

15. Soxni69

If you are interested in college girls, Soxni69 is a blonde college girl who made it to the list of top fansly accounts. Although she has a boyfriend, her action can be enjoyed by you as well. She provides various types of content ranging from nudes to creampie videos. Check out her tiny Austrian waist with a big booty here.

  • Monthly Price- $3.75

16. Nitamarie

If you love a variety of fetishes, Nitamarie is the best account on fansly for you. While she is into all the dirty fetishes like pee, fart, feet, and even lactating videos. She also presents sexual actions with various partners such as going solo, lesbian, threesome, and even milf orgies. If this sounds promising to your needs, check out her account here. 

  • Monthly Price- $3.75

17. Katie Big Toys

Another college girl on the list is Katie. She likes using big toys and if you love to see a big dildo penetrate a tiny girl, make sure to visit Katie’s account. While she usually makes solo videos of her passionately playing with her large toys, she also presents content like girl-on-girl action and roleplay. Another fetish of Katie is exhibitionism. If you get turned on by the same, take a peek at Katie here.

  • Monthly Price- $5

18. Nymph

People with Goth Girl fantasy can turn to Nymph for the content. It’s one of the best fansly accounts owned by Goth Slut. Nymph is a huge fan of sex and she owns the infamous Bad Dragon that can absolutely destroy a hole. Furthermore, she also owns a fuck machine that she uses quite a lot on her perfect body. This goth slut is also into pet play, submission, BDSM, and whatnot. Check out her NSFW content by clicking here.

  • Monthly Price- $11

19. ShyCutie

ShyCutie is a great account if you are looking for mellow sexual content. With not much kink or specific fetishes, this account is one of the best fansly pages for the audience with no fetishes. If you get turned on by looking at a sexy female performing sexual acts and her nude pictures, go follow ShyCutie on Fansly.

  • Monthly Price- $10

20. Lex 

Lex is a gamer girl who likes to cosplay. So if you are a cosplay enthusiast, lex is one of the best accounts on fansly that really attracts gamers and cosplayers. Lex craves attention and in exchange, she will give you nudes and explicit videos. So why not pay some attention to this cutie by following her on fansly.

  • Monthly Price- $10


While OnlyFans is a globally known platform, Fansly is not far behind. Many people have an opinion that Fansly is even better than OnlyFans in terms of the features provided. OnlyFans sometimes restricts content from sharing which Fansly does not. You can experience the most erotic and explicit content on Fansly. So, it is important to know about the best fansly accounts to follow

If this article we have provided the list of the best fansly accounts in the year 2022. This article contains a lot of fresh faces that need to be discovered as they are the sexiest accounts on fansly. We have also made sure to include a variety of fetishes, so you can choose your favorite creator from the list of top fansly accounts as per your needs.